No Option to Rejoin Matches

I keep getting removed from ranked matches for absolutely no reason (no connection loss or anything), and every time that I do it gives me no option to rejoin the match.
The first recent time that this happened I got suspended for four hours. Then four hours later it happened almost immediately again and I am gifted with another eight-hour suspension.
About two days later (after two days of quickplay only) it happend again and then I was given another 15-hour suspension.
Tonight (about after four days of only quickplay) it happend again and now I’m suspended for another 32 hours, yet someone else on the opposing team was able to rejoin that same match after they got removed (according to my friend who was on my team).

Keep in mind that this garbage only happens to me in ranked; I never get kicked-out of quickplay for no reason–only when I play ranked matches that this “removed from server” nonsense happens.
Regardless, I am never offered an option to rejoin the match unlike pre-Operation 4.

Am I the only one experiencing this?
I am seriously ready to throw my Xbox out the window.


no fam you are not alone. i just made a post about it. its makes rank unplayable atm.

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Literally. I’m so disappointed.

Its been happening to me since before op 4. The 4th quarter of op 3 to be specific.

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I have always had the issue where I randomly get removed from ranked matches, but the consistent lack of an option to rejoin the match is brand-new for me; however, every so-often this lack of a “rejoin match” option would happen during previous operations, but not every single time like this. Currently in operation-4, I have not had one single opportunity to rejoin a match, which is a new issue for me.

Oh, yea now that you mention that its been the exact same for me. I would do some testing , but i uninstalled for now since all the competitive playlists are pretty much dead right now.

The final straw for me was that i got a ban for quitting when i already had 2 quit on my team. Before op 4, the system would give you a free pass if you have teammates quit before you do.

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