No one will use blood queen Reyna

No one will use Blood Queen Reyna. Sorry TC, but Reyna was a very weak choice for the OP6 tour rewards.

She’s a very weak character and looks almost exactly like the standard version, so whats the point if the grind isn’t worth the reward? Should have given a badass version of Hoffman instead. This way it could also add to the COGs arsenal of final character tour rewards. We are currently 1 to 4 on character diversity on that front (OP1 dosen’t count, it was just a gnasher skin).

The Tour had controversial start, considering it was TCs twisted version of giving the community what it wanted, as to earning characters. But it also bottle necks the incentive to work towards the earnings for - UHHHMMM 11 EFFING WEEKS!!- If the rewards suck lol.

But to each their own. If you like it great, but I won’t be putting a lot of attention to the tour, and I’m confidently sure I’m speaking for a majority of players. Just hoping TC might see this and think better about what they are asking us to take part of. A little could have gone aing way for OP6,

Someone had to say it :tipping_hand_man:


Just to add to what you have said:

PVE players won’t ever be able to use that skin in their preferred mode
Co-op VS AI players won’t ever be able to use that skin in their preferred mode.
Arcade players won’t ever be able to use that skin in their preferred mode (unless something has changed, havent actually touched arcade in a long time).


I would’ve even accepted V-Day Hoffman as the General reward. Blood Red Reyna is just kinda meh to me.


You make it sound like V-Day Hoffman wouldn’t be a desired skin.


Actually v day hoffman crossed my mind also lol. The duel pistols were kinda kewl. But a newer version of hoffman would have been much better all together character.

I won’t be using her on account of her death scream being over-the-top obnoxious! Geez, what there they thinking having her record that?

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Blood red zealot or a cool Hoffman skin would’ve been better

Or just give us two rather than one, cog & swarm.


Hey there’s an idea!

Probs one of the worst if not the worst TOD to date anyway. Basic character & weapon skins and the best reward is very early on (collectors zealot) who does look great.

It’s a shame they don’t listen when we said we’d love more characters and general content inside the tour alongside coins/iron.


I will.

It’s the only Swarm-char besides Speaker that has the Blood for Bullets passive. And I’m really tired of the Speaker by now.

New characters are duplicates of already existing classes.


Thanks for the clarification, wasnt sure.


the skin is actually one of my favorites now, and prob the best tour skin for me. its the reason i already have all the medals done this operation.


Skin looks great! Too bad you have no use of it besides PvP… :frowning:

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I will when I unlock the TOD one. I hope she has a fun laugh emote


Your point still stands about Op 1 but it wasn’t just a Gnasher skin, it was for all weapons.

I appreciate the General rank ToD not being a hero. There are so many COG skins in the game and not enough swarm skins by comparison, Plus some of you all complain when you get swarm skins in PVE events. Like just chill. The game was made for you to play (ideally) all modes. So if you stick to just one mode, you can’t just expect to get everything by doing so.

That being said, I don’t think the tour is bad. Sure some of the weapon skins and character skins suck, but that’s been every tour. You like some, you won’t even touch some. Blood Red Queen Reyna is nice, but I’m more looking forward to hitting the legendary ranks and getting 750 coins every 12 stars.


I really like Queen Reyna and I’ve seen a lot of players using her across all playlists, specially in Control and Arcade.

I’m not sure if I will be using the blood skin because I Iike the standard version a lot, but I dont mind having it in my inventory either.

To be fair TC did this at the start and a lot of people complained. Thats why TC made it the way it is now so people can just get what they want

I will get it, saves me spending coins/iron on normal Reyna! :wink:

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I’m sorry all you play is PvE lmao

I and many others are gonna use blood red tryna

Why? Because we play PvP lol