No one’s playing the game differently or hogging the weapons! Wow!

Man, these are some good freaking achievements and they predicted people’s gaming behavior so well. No one is standing on weapon spawns, everyone is playing the objective even in Versus AI, no trolls are standing in front of players with explosive weapons to block their shot, there are only like 1 or 2 boosting sessions set up on TA, and no one is pissed about other players not playing properly. Who would have thought this update would inject so much positivity into this game?


I was actually helping a random with his boomshot achievement before. Saw he picked it up and was waiting for a double so I downed one of the swarm and let him take the double when another bot came to pick up the first.

No everyone is a tool, but sadly too many are.


Yeah totally agreed. I was in a party with three other friends who were in a bot match and one of them with either the Boomshot or Torque Bow got trolled repeatedly trolled by the other two teammates. They’d see him getting ready to fire and then jump in front to block the shot from reaching the enemy. This first week or two is going to be ridiculous so I decided to not even attempt them unless in a boosting session because it’s going to be pure frustration otherwise.

I just had another helpful person let me get embar, seem to be having all the luck tonight.

Only need 2 supers with the longshot and I am done with all the weapon achievements!

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I’m going to try getting these Achievements later, hopefully I don’t run in any trouble.

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I’ll just go for them naturally in Versus and I’ll clear them up towards the end of the game. Some of them are a bit iffy though, like three kills with an EMBAR without reloading. I mainly play Escalation so I’ll probably get pushed quite often and will have to take out Gnasher cause I’m not giving them a weapon just to go up progress on an achievement


When I pick up longshot or embar, people either stand in front of me so I can’t fire or they melee me until I hand it over.

You forgot the /s

But yeah co-op vs AI is super cancer lol

I played a match today where a player would stand in front of me the moment I grabbed the Boomshot which has never happened before.

But luckily most of those cancerous players are in Co-Op vs AI and man is that mode rough right now. Either way though, still awful achievements. They’re called “mastery” and yet everyone’s going against Casual bots. So basically they’re not achievements at all but who is wasting their time doing pointless activities.


For the moment peoples are in coop vs AI, we spent a fair deal of time in there and there is a lot of dudes going for achievements.

Personally there is a bunch of gun i could do legit, but i never play with hammerburst, nor do i feel going to pick it up, same with retro (loved the gun in 3, but since they removed the retro poke of doom, it was never as good) and the arm bar is just a joke to get legit. I could swear this gun used to have 4 rounds in a clip… am i wrong? In any case the way we did it me and my friend is one would down the guys, the embar dude would kill them. If it would had been 3 kills without dying i could had seen myself get it legit, but 3 kill in 1 clip… no way.

Also i have no interest to use the overkill, its worst than my gnasher… so thats another gun ill mostly boost vs AI.

I think most peoples will only try to go for the super in regular games… so only weapon that may be picked more than it was in the snipe… but it was always a gun peoples like to use, even when there bad with it, so maybe it will be hard to notify a change on the surface.

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The only thing I have experienced after the update is my game freezing twice in Horde mode :grinning:

So far the update has injected rage into me

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There are both kinds of people. I’ve seen many get downs with the Enforcer and others get the kill with the Lancer (or whatever other weapon) resulting in both players getting progress.

Considering my experience with Gears players over the years (mainly the newer players from sequels), it’s extraordinary.

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To be fair, you totally have a point here and I agree. I’m going to just keep playing and enjoying without specifically going for them I think.
I got Gnasher quick and about 40% of the Lancer is complete, the only other I would get for. “normal” play will likely be Enforcer.

What I’ve been doing, downing with Enforcer, then kill with Lancer! Amazing after only a couple games on Hotel, I’ve got 80% on the Embar achievement heh. If the games I played last night co-op vs AI were anything, people weren’t being trolls or interfering with anyone. Annoyed a bit that people were going for the ring though and ending the round a bit prematurely heh. Only cheevo I didn’t get any progress on was with the Markza, but only played on one map that had it.


I got my markza one on a warzone on dawn, played that map over and over. I also got a super against one of the bots with it after it tried to evade the final bullet for the headshot. I didn’t think it was possible.

Yeah I have the funny feeling the Supers are going to be the last thing I need… got some Hat-Tricks already mind…

I only need the supers, eveything else is done (besides the 3 Horde achievements). It is going to be super difficult. Unless I can get a friend to hit someone in the head with a marza a couple of times and see if it makes them dive and then time it right, may be near impossible.

Most of the players I’ve played since last night with in VS AI games have been quite nice and helpful. There was an unspoken rule amongst the ones in my matches to help each other.

It reminds me of Gears 2 when people boosted in Annex by capturing the ring, the enemy team breaking it instantly after, recapturing it and repeating until right before the goal score where you would then switch positions.

I have never seen co-operation in Gears since then, until now.

Lol, should change the name of these achievements to cooperation mastery.

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