No one plays competitive Escalation?

I read that many players doesn’t like Esc, but if no one plays, that means this mode could be an easy one to try to reach top 100 for the skins (If you have a team and can find another team) :thinking:

Boring game type. I was never a fan of it originally nevermind with TC overcomplicating it in Gears 5.

It’s too slow and lacking action with all the mid-match delays.

I loved Escalation in Gears 4, but TC took a big steaming ■■■■ on the mode in Gears 5. Some of the changes were eventually reverted, but it was too little, too late. The few people who cared about the mode have long since forgotten about it, and even the current iteration with its multiple changes since launch is inferior to the original Gears 4 version.


They really did this mode no favors whatsoever. Best ranked experience ever in Gow4, and it’s borderline unplayable now.


I played a lot of Escalation on Gears 4, even more than KotH.

But I never find a lot of players and that’s why I stopped playing on Competitive Esc for many Operations. Now with this being the “last” operation I just wanted to say goodbye to esc and see what the game feels like but with these answers it’s better to stay away and stop wasting time trying to find a match.

I loved Escalation in 4 but I played that a long time ago and can’t recall the differences between 4’s and 5’s.

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I personally hate the new version of Escalation in GOW5. The original version from GOW4 was so much better. In my opinion they overcomplicated it with the way weapon placements work; and the lives system. It was already a mode which was more complicated than other modes as it was, but to add even more to it was the wrong move. I know this may sound condescending to GOW fans (who I generally dislike anyway! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but from my observations they tend to prefer more simplistic modes like KOTH or TDM - anything a bit faster paced and with lots of killing. Once you throw in these extra elements it gets too dense.

Also, I was a fan of the old Competitive tuning in GOW4, which applied to Escalation (if I recall, Escalation was only available in ranked mode in GOW4).


I still don’t understand how that works :woman_facepalming:t2:

I liked Gears 4, I always put Dropshot/Boomshot or grenades. I’m not a player who picks weapons because that shows where I am, but when I had a team that no one picked them, I had to and with those weapons I usually got an enemy killed (with luck I killed 3 enemies in the ring with Drop)

@op see also CTF. I have still only managed 4 ranked games, albeit I do not bother searching more than 5-10 mins now before loading up Gears 3 :joy::grin:

As for Escalation 1.0 v 2.0, 1 is miles better.

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Escalation was doomed since launch, I remember queing for almost 10 minutes or more during the first two operations trying to get those TOD stars.

I found the core game mode fun but really despise it as a whole because of the weapon placement between matches. Its extremely annoying and slow af and up to this date i have no idea how that works. With the current versus event, and people voting for execution instead of escalation, not hard to tell everyone avoids it like a plage

what happened

Most people don’t care enough to understand how the mode works. It’s not hard but why bother then you can just play koth/control?

They should have scrapped the weapon placement nonsense and either gone no power weapons or standard pickups.

Escalation is cheeks, both the mode and map :relieved:

They shoulda just put the map in the game so we could play Escalation on Escalation.

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Command back…I read Execution.
I never touch escalation.

They over-complicated the mode in Gears 5. Escalation was fantastic in 4, my only real complaint was that it was a tad long.

And because I enjoyed it I watched quite a bit of Esports in 4. No expert or anything, just a casual viewer who didn’t just want a few weapon skins but wanted to watch and to learn. A bit of entertainment.

I remember watching the trailer for Escalation 2.0 in the run up to the Gears 5 tech test with my brother. I went in with high hopes and an open mind… I turned to him half way through and said the new mode looks complicated.

I worried for Ranked play and for entertainment instantly.

And nothing has really changed. Just not exciting to watch or to play. Never really watched Gears 5 esports (maybe one event, that’s it) and the mode being dull and complicated was the main reasons why for me.

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It’s a shame because escalation could be my favourite mode.

Like you said, it’s too complicated for most long term players, let alone newbies. They should have made it simple - scrap the weapons picks. Either standard power weapon layouts or none at all.


For starters it’s a mode that definitely needs to be 5v5 like Guardian is, there’s too much that could go on and too little players. 3 rings 4 players just results in a yawn fest.

All the weapon picking crap is just long winded and boring also. Get rid of that.

Bar godly Guardian I’d urge more people to play CTF, thats a ■■■■■■ good mode man, underrrated.

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