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No one deposits to fabricator

Take thoose character upgrades away .make everyone deposit . People use power on themselves and dosent help the team out any. Waste of power, waste time in the matches


I wouldn’t necessarily take the character perks away but it might be interesting if the character perks were upgraded through a different currency that was collected separately from power. That would free up players to use their power on other things (such as building defenses themselves or depositing) while still getting character perks.


are you playing with randoms??? If so use LFG. Having a group is a lot better to play horde with

It’s not waste of power if upgrade own character with perks. More firepower helps.

I had read an earlier post about this and someone suggested that half the power automatically go to the Fabricator. The way this Horde is setup it is going to be almost impossible to play with randoms. With the perks now, TC has turned a team game ( which is why I enjoy it ) into a selfish, lone wolf, improve your class. (which I hate) Unless I play beginner difficulty, I haven’t been able to build a base or even finish 50 waves with randoms.


Use LFG feature. No point losing your mind with randoms. You’ll have much better time.

Idea of half the power you collect automatically going to fabricator is worth looking though. Of course, it would lead to complaints of not being able to buy perks and noob engineer wasting energy on useless stuff heh.


Well they don’t this because TC implemented the perk system which is pretty mandatory in modes like “advanced.” And higher. I usually buy a perk and then deposit the rest into the fabricator during the same round.


Depends on your character to be honest… I’ve played as Del, JD and Kait. JD can build 2 things, Kait can build absolutely NOTHING but gets bonus power by being around her team. Del builds everything.

Perks make sense but because some can’t build I see why to hoard power and if there’s no actual engineer then building costs so much it’s pointless anyway…

What I’d like to see, is for the option to turn on/off auto deposit in Horde. I think alot of people are so used to GOW4 Horde that they forget they have to manually do it, and the more money they have the more button presses to deposit the lot. It’d be quicker to have the option of just touching the Fabricator.


Lol. In Gears 4 people constantly complained that engineers bought too many sentries. They ranted that the sentries killed everything before the enemies got in range. Pretty absurd but whatever. Now in 5 people can upgrade their own killing power, and people are complaining they don’t have enough money in the fab…to buy what…sentries.


More kills you get the more perks maybe

I’d considered the same thing. Like the ability to choose 1 free upgrade every 5 or 10 levels. In-game leveling isn’t a horrible idea but it absolutely discourages teamplay and makes playing an engineer frustrating.

Slipping, this is an incredibly flawed argument. Sentries were obnoxious but there were far easier ways to fix sentry spamming. Cap the number of sentries available or make reloading them more expensive.

You’re pulling out of thin air that the complaints about lack of power only have to do with sentries. That lack of power also means less weapon lockers, less gates, and less decoys - all fortifications that help the entire team.

Different systems would allow a tolerable amount of energy for base-building, AND the ability to upgrade classes in-round.


I’ve encountered something even worse: people not only not depositing into the fabricator, but not even buying perks for themselves and just hoarding massive stacks of power for no reason. I only play horde solo and I see at least one person doing this every match without fail. I try and tell them in chat to spend it but they carry on and eventually quit out early so the all the power is completely wasted.

This was also a huge problem in Gears 4 (along with people actively stealing power from the scout). Playing with randoms in co op is and always has been a horrendous experience. Even in Gears 3, people would always steal my silverback and then quit afterwards. For this reason I personally really like the changes they’ve made in 5 to accommodate lone wolf play. Randoms can’t be trusted to do anything right.

Sadly the problem of completely awful and useless randoms is 10x worse in versus. I know there is LFG to avoid this, and the purpose of your thread is against lone wolf play, but I would at least say that spending the power on perks is infintely better than letting it go to waste and quitting early, especially if the person stays the whole game and knows what they’re doing.

Sentries were nerfed. By the end of 4, most people left them level 3. If you can build a bunch of weapon lockers, then you have the old salvo speed runs. I don’t think it’s a flawed argument to infer the things people cried the loudest about in 4 have been addressed in 5.

Less power generally than 4 so less spamming of anything.

I agree with everything you said. At least w/ 4, there was far less call for hoarding of energy, and an auto-deposit mechanic if they approached the fabricator.

It’d be great for Gears 4 AND 5 if a departing player’s unspent energy was divided among remaining players or directly sent to the fabricator.


I think it should work like this:

  1. You get “perk points” for your personal/team performance. These points are automatically gathered and you don’t need to pick them up. They are completely separate to fabricator power.
  2. Any power collected from the ground is automatically deposited into the fabricator.

That way everyone wins. You get perk points for playing well and the engineer can build an adequate base


1 perk point per mini boss, 2 for every wave 10 boss with an additional point for each boss after that. Perks cost more points depending on perk level.

Health 1 perk costs 1 point, Health 2 costs 2, etc.


The only reason I refuse to use LFG is that it forces you to open your communication settings to everyone.

I don’t want to receive messages from salty gamers when I’m playing versus modes, so I keep my communication settings to friends only.

I don’t know why Microsoft still doesn’t let you just open up your communication settings to your LFG group only, for the duration of the game.

If they made a toggle in the Xbox app for you to change your communication settings on the fly, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

Having to go to the Microsoft site every time you want to change it (on pc, not Xbox) is a royal pain in the butt.

I remember when LFG first launched, there was a feature request made to that effect that had quite a few votes. I guess they never bothered implementing it :confused:

I remember the old cycle: join, pick a random unneeded class, steal all power from scout, never deposit and then quit with a ton of power after the wave 20 bounty. Happened almost every game and utterly ruined the horde experience as a solo player.

I would say the problem lies more with useless randoms being complete wastes of oxygen than the game mechanics. Someone who spends power wisely to upgrade their damage output and chances of survival, while still helping the team out by not quitting and getting the power from the tap etc, can arguably be considered a better use of power than would otherwise be the case if deposited into the fabricator, especially with a bad team and/or builder. It also depends on which characters people are playing. If my team doesn’t have a Del/Kat I don’t deposit anything into the fabricator at all, while if I’m playing as Jack I deposit everything. Certain character perks are more useful to good players than any fabricator purchase.

I have also seen people depositing all of their power into the fabricator without a builder, or wasting power on a repair tool when there is either no builder or already a Del/Jack in game. Those are just as bad as never depositing imo and are just people being too stupid or ignorant to learn the new mechanics and just think everything works the same as horde in 4.