No one actually wants Warzone, Execution and Gridiron

With the current selection of playlist in Ranked/Social you would expect to see

  • Dodgeball Lobbies
  • Warzone Lobbies
  • Execution Lobbies
  • Gridion Lobbies

Instead custom is filled with

  • Chill or kick
  • 1v1 wallbounce
  • umg 1v1
  • chill no kill

well I decided to join one of these chill/wallbounce lobbies and this is what I got

they really live up to those titles but its just sad to see that wall bouncing has consumed the pvp aspect of the game…I’m not upset these lobbies exist, to each their own. I’m upset these lobbies EAT up the custom list. Everyone always complaining about no warzone, execution or Gridiron but then you look at customs and its all wall bounce circle jerk.

I’ve tried to make my own dodgeball, warzone and execution lobbies but it NEVER fills unless you already have friends in the lobby. Why would TC bring back these playlist “everyone” is asking for if no one wants them?

I’m not on 24/7 so I can’t check the custom lobby list all the time but EVERYTIME I check that crap its always the same bs.

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Custom is just awful in PvP

I’m always ready for the mentioned game modes but yeah no one ever joins when you host. I know a lot of people don’t even look at the customs though and go straight to ranked or social mainly due to what you’ve said, polluted with crap.

Be good if we could kinda set something up on this forum for some classic Warzone/execution nights.


exceed does this on fridays every night. It’s called gears and beers, usually can find his lobbies around 8-9pm central.


What times that in the U.K.? Only issue :rofl:

Yes we do. We just dont want to play in custom

All I want to do is play Execution or Warzone but I can never get a lobby going. I want it in quickplay or ranked. However if anyone here starts a lobby you are welcome to invite me. If I’m online(nearly always am) I’m in.

Execution is Gears to me.

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If custom lobbies allowed Core tuning, man, I’d never leave them… In any game mode…

To me thats a much bigger issue than the game more…

Btw, love Dodgeball.

Problem is a lot of the single life players have stopped playing because there is no mode for them.

When i do get on, i start a custom warzone lobby but get bored of waiting after about 4 minutes lol.

Then play a couple “team” death matches and leave.

When the single life playlist was in QuickPlay i NEVER couldn’t find a game going. But I’m East coast USA.

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Played gears 4 dodgeball yesterday was fun as hell


Probably not a good one lol…

I kinda figured this was the case. Lot of the die hard fans have sorta moved on after it become less gears now if that makes sense. You’d think people would use the custom feature more often though.

Do custom games allow the previous tuning at all?

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I’ve only even tried to host a custom once… I had better luck though, cause I ran it for 4 hours, it remained full the whole time. Soon as one left, another came in almost instantly, was a nice flow lol (and yet TC tried saying the mode wasn’t popular ptfff) this was beginning of Op 3, so it was obviously a Guardian lobby. I let them do map requests in game chat, so I changed maps each game in the order they requested them.

Something about having full lobbies or half full lobbies attracts more players. With the whole Gears n Bears thing its usually a consistent flow of people coming in and out so long as there are 5/10+ people there already.

True, but still funny it filled within 5 minutes just cause I titled it “Guardian” when TC said the mode wasn’t popular lol obviously they learned a little better with it being the primary mode in Quickplay now.

If I tried again it’d definitely be Gridiron or Dodgeball…
My 2nd and 3rd fav modes that I can’t even play… but prob not even gonna try cause way you describe Customs they so different from Op 3 era lol

Because there’s no kind of practice mode where you can just go in an empty map and practice perfecting the wall bounce and movement. Can’t do it without making your own lobby and having at least one bot breathing down your neck. 1v1 practice helps a lot in getting you used to cover battles and Up A’ing. I don’t have a problem with these lobbies, there’s just things in gaming that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s like going on COD and being mad that you don’t get invites to Michael Myers lobbies anymore. People don’t take time for that stuff anymore,

I doubt it… If they did thats all I’d play…

I admit I never once look at customs. But I played Execution by far the most when it was in ranked, and then Gridiron when it was ranked.

I just like ranked, and when the mode I like isn’t in it, I’m sad.

That’s totally fine, I never really looked it at from that point of view.

I don’t have a problem with them either, I’m just saying these lobbies of practice are really the only thing that exist within the custom. Comparing it to COD michael Myers is a bit much but I understand where you’re coming from. Just think of it like this, you do all this practicing and practicing, movement, Up A’s, Back A’s etc and then you either go into KOTH/2v2 and FFA ranked match…And FFA custom is the second most dominating mode in custom!

It really doesn’t feel like there’s a place for these strict no respawn playlist anymore.

I actually don’t think you’d expect to see that at all — people want and need a place to warm up before they play Elo8s, scrims, wagers or umg. I think you’re seeing exactly what you’d expect to see tbh.

All very competitive activities. Gears PvP has always been sweaty but I guess I’m just surprised how much it outweighs the other type of players.

Competitive GoW is really fun compared to ranked imo. I don’t think there’s that many competitive players tbh, but 4-5 pages of lobbies seems about right.

These lobbies have always existed as well btw, but before this search filter you had to get an invite which was annoying sometimes.

The answer is simple:

Ban chill and kill games in customs.