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No old maps only new

(Omen LP) #41

I recall someone saying that it takes up to 6 months to do a new map (from start to finish, design, development, testing, fixing, etc)… so we really need to manage our expectations…

(ll R E D l) #42

maybe for a new map. I can’t see it taking that long on a remastered map especially since the design part is just dumbed down to more of an update

(Omen LP) #43

Ohh, 100%, we can have countless variations of maps (foggy harbor, rainy harbor, snowy harbor, etc), I thought people were asking for brand new maps (and I strongly suspect that a map from an earlier title would be a “new map”, the fact that it had appeared in earlier games wont help much, development time wise)…

(iDuskk) #44

I don’t mind a few old maps. Its a nice nod to previous games, while reducing the workload for the devs. What I DONT want is Gridlock, Gridlock Dark, Gridlock Haze, Gridlock Snow, Gridlock Windflare, etc. Seriously I really hope TC learned that Quantity > Quality after the community reactions to these “new” maps.