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No old maps only new

(Human Smokes) #37

at launch the game should have 10 brand new maps. a few months in there should be a map pack consisting of 3 or 4 new maps. a few months later there should be a flashback map pack featuring 5 or so classic maps.

(HoesEatOreos) #38

they need to make more interactive maps like avalanche, hail, tyro station, reclaimed windflare

(Lambent Lucky) #39

I disagree but some old maps do not need a return (Gridlock & Blooddrive) but I would like to see some new classic maps like Jacinto and Ruins. Really not sure why Jacinto never made it in GOW4?

(ll R E D l) #40

But yet we get drydock and rustlung. I do agree its time to retire some maps gridlock, blood drive, ravens down. If they do remake some maps it should be ones we havent seen remade. Ruins is one of my favorites that should return Maybe TC can look at some of the older maps and let the fans vote on which 1 should be remade

(Omen LP) #41

I recall someone saying that it takes up to 6 months to do a new map (from start to finish, design, development, testing, fixing, etc)… so we really need to manage our expectations…

(ll R E D l) #42

maybe for a new map. I can’t see it taking that long on a remastered map especially since the design part is just dumbed down to more of an update

(Omen LP) #43

Ohh, 100%, we can have countless variations of maps (foggy harbor, rainy harbor, snowy harbor, etc), I thought people were asking for brand new maps (and I strongly suspect that a map from an earlier title would be a “new map”, the fact that it had appeared in earlier games wont help much, development time wise)…

(iDuskk) #44

I don’t mind a few old maps. Its a nice nod to previous games, while reducing the workload for the devs. What I DONT want is Gridlock, Gridlock Dark, Gridlock Haze, Gridlock Snow, Gridlock Windflare, etc. Seriously I really hope TC learned that Quantity > Quality after the community reactions to these “new” maps.

(Crobos 9) #45

I’d love to revisit Hail and, of course, River. I’d rather see old maps than multiple versions of the same map.

(III EnVii III) #46

I want all the old maps back tbh.

Or at least the good ones from each game:

Raven Down

Allfathers Garden


Lift Apex

These are just too good not to be in a Gears Game.

Maybe not all Day 1 but perhaps every 3-6 months the set drops.

(Duffman GB) #47

I want legacy maps BUT only ones we have had once or twice at most in previous entries. I also like the idea of dynamic maps including day/ night cycles.

(III EnVii III) #48

Gridlock is the only one I’m now tried of.

The rest that have been back more than once have done so for good reason.

Yeah, some maps could have a setting sun and with darkness gets difficult to see if areas get swarmed by the new leeches.

Or round 1 is sunlight and round 2 is night time :v:

(DJ NME) #49

Oh yes! Because TC have shown their map making prowess…TC need to reedoo old maps, otherwise the game would be dead. Even their choice of what old maps to bring back is questionable… Dry dock… Really?
Ok they did well with foundation… But on the vote screen, 99% of the time the old maps come out on top… Because they are better than the new guff that TC slapped on.

(III EnVii III) #50

My god my biggest frustration was all the GOOD maps they could have brought back, the COUNTLESS threads asking for them,

We get:


I know some people will like them but compared to my list above, these are the worst available and pretty much NO ONE votes for them which means 3 maps already might as well not exist in the game …

Glory is also a bad map…

(Hot Chili Fries) #51

this may seem off topic, but when I play Halo 1, 2, and 3 in 2019, some of the maps are super timeless and just cannot be compared to a lot of modern day Halo maps, which is why maps like Sanctuary, Midship, and Blood Gulch continue to be played on to this day.

The same goes with Gears of War with legendary maps like Gridlock . Some maps are just required to be in every installment of the franchise because they are just that good. Of course, new maps are always going to be welcome, and some actually become instant classics, but the fact is, if a map is good, it will always be good, whether it’s in Gears of War 4 or Gears of War 6.

(III EnVii III) #52

Exactly this, they are just too good not to feature at some point.

Except Gridlock. Had enough of that map tbh.

(Duffman GB) #53

Agree. I still would rather have legacy maps that have appeared twice at most, but your point re timeless maps is spot on.

I love that long running game series remember and include things from their history.

(Dogg Egg) #54

I personally like very few of the new maps and consequently don’t vote for them a great deal.
But yeah it has to favour new maps more than it does currently.
Bring some less used classic maps back. The snowblind maps from gears 2 (can’t remember the names of the original ones) and ruins for example.

(will rhs) #55

River. That’s all I’ll say.

(Buster McTunder) #56

Mhm, like you said, Day One was a bigger RD. Also note "Glory is a new map already. I’m sure you know but it bugged me :+1:

Buster Out!