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No old maps only new

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #1

im kind of sick of playing the same old remake of maps. yeah i know theres a lot of old maps that people want back… ppl have a issue of letting go of nostalgia… i want their to be as many new and interesting maps as much they can make without returning to old maps that are years old. we need new maps not old ones guys… its in the past im looking forward to the future of gears.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

It’s not just nostalgia. Of all the Gears 4 maps, most of the great playing ones are old.
But, I’m on board all the way for new maps, as long as TC stops with the “make a giant field filled with boxes” stuff.

I hate that people are so versed on the current maps that my friends who don’t play often just get destroyed by crossfire. I find frequently saying, “Oh yea, you can’t stand there”. “you can’t run to that part without throwing a smoke” “you can’t…”
I know it’ll always get that way eventually but it helps when people haven’t been playing the same maps for many years.

I’d even love to see map updates so that players have to figure new strats for maps every 6 months.

(Royce Batty) #3

Indeed. But of course I have my doubts when it comes to 5.
Considering the individuals on here keep yapping on about Old this, old that, bring back this, bring back that.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

That kills me. People want old everything in Gears. In a way I can’t blame them because the new characters and maps have been uninspiring. But, I’m going to be majorly annoyed if G5 is another opportunity to sell me the same maps and characters I’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing.

(Ektope) #5

Instead of bringing back Thrashball, they made a new Map with similar layout to Thrashball and called it Glory.
I also realised Day One was just a bigger version of Raven Down.
What if they just make old Maps bigger and slap a different name over it?

(Royce Batty) #6

No. With the new maps in 4, they proved they have the know-how to create actual new maps. So yeah, I want new maps.

(Ektope) #7

So do I.
It seems around half were new Maps and half were old Maps.
It seemed like a balance for both crowds.

(Who is WARRI0R) #8

I think you just need a balance of both new and old.
I agree that the ratio should be in favour of the new.
Maybe 3/1? Then let’s say for 20 maps you have 15 new and 5 old.

(ll R E D l) #9

Im cool with that. Just as long as its maps that havent been remade before. I know a lot of people are tired of Gridlock, checkout, and ravens down

(Who is WARRI0R) #10

The difficulty is that all of this is subjective. There are certain maps people love and will always want to see in the game, like Jacinto for me :frowning:. However not everyone will be into it so how do you decide?

At the end of the day, if you are a developer and you bring out a new title, IMO the majority of the maps should be new.

(ll R E D l) #11

It’s simple man make different ones. There’s plenty of great maps between all the old gears that they don’t need to keep making the same ones. I love Ravensdown but I would love to something else since its been in 3 games now. Gridlock has been in every damn game its time to retire it. Checkout 3, And Drydock and rustlung didn’t deserve a remake. So to keep remaking the same ones is just ridiculous. Plus now we have Gears 4 maps to throw in the bag which hopefully we won’t get any remakes of these since we already got 5 remakes in the same game

(chaaze) #12

I’d say Griffin would explain the issue with TC very perfectly; AMATEURS

(Rutta) #13

Maybe Jacinto and River should come back Gears 2 style


I like the 3:1 idea. I would also like to see some older maps that haven’t been remade yet.

(Link23809) #15

Nah I love the classics. Just keep it a good balance. I thought they did a good job in Gears 4, except for end, we should have gotten better maps.

(Omen LP) #16


You know, I really can’t complain about the maps in gears 4… I never played VS in earlier games, just horde, so I have no VS nostalgia to fall back on.

There are crossing maps (blood drive, gridlock, drydock), there are gnasher maps (raven down, canals), there are big maps with lots of weapons (impact, fuel depot, foundation, forge, lift), there are fun turret maps (glory, war machine); even the remakes I feel are improvements (Apex to me is a different map from lift, Blitz different from forge). I don’t like the weather effects on windflare and haze, but that is my personal opinion, doesn’t mean the maps are bad…

So yeah, honestly I have no real complaints about the maps in this game…

P.s. I hate Rustlung and Old Town, but again, my personal preference, not a map complaint.

(Who is WARRI0R) #17

I suppose again it depends on your own perspective of things. I agree that in MP playing the same remakes can be tedious at times.

But being able to play the new horde on your favourite maps I have found to be fun.

(Who is WARRI0R) #18

Well said.
I think the crossing point is a good one. Rifles can really stifle you on certain maps. It promotes a certain playstyle. Just means that you need to adapt your play to be effective. Same thing if you were playing a shotgun heavy map. All part of the fun IMO.

The apex and blitz variants I actually really like.

(Slipping Flames) #19

I’ve always thought the power weapons should at least get revamped on maps occasionally. Gridlock desperately needs something besides the snipe and boom.

(Ektope) #20

I’d prefer if Jacinto and River were changed around, different time of the day and different theme.
Gears 2 already did day time theme, and Gears 3 seemed to do night time with Lambent stalks and yellow-ish glows around the Map from Imulsion.
River, that was only day time version in Gears 2.
I would prefer to see maybe a night time version of River, possibly with weather effect.