No offline Horde!?

Hi. Sorry for my poor english: I am francophone.

I follow Gears of War from his debuts. When I saw that the GoW franchise was not finished at the coming out of the fourth game, I said to myself: good for the fans, but I’ll pass, because of the poor treatment that gamers receive these days or from at least the launch of the Xbox 360 (I talk about microtransactions in our games, poor quality of the materials (the ■■■■■■’ 360 controllers!), incomplete games just to sell us more DLCs, etc.). But, recently, I resigned and bought an Xbox One because I could’nt let pass the chance to play a lot of Halo MCC.

And so, while I’m at it, of course that I want to play GoW4 too. But here I am this morning, realising that we are again getting ■■■■■■! I wanted to try horde while I was offline and I quickly learned that I cannot. There is absolutely no excuse for that! That mean if I want to play GoW4 like it should be played (should I recall that GoW2 and 3’s horde mode did’nt need online connection to run!?), I must pay 70$ extra to ■■■■■■’ Microsoft (the price for an Xbox Live Gold account). It is a shame! It is pure greed and disrespect towards gamers. I am sick of it! And if this is not fixed soon, you’ll be sure that me and my friends will spread the word that the GoW franchise do not respect the gamers anymore and that I will continue to play Halo MCC instead of GoW 5, 6, 7 or whatever the next greedy project The Coalition and her partners have planned for us.