No no no... on koth idea

Most of these updates seem semi reasonable lately but plz leave KOTH alone. Do not make it 4v4 plz leave it at 5v5… i am very curious tho who ask for this stuff? I enjoy this game and i don’t plan on quitting anytime soon but koth does not need smaller squads instead why not try out bigger squads.


Completely agree

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Mheep, mheep

It will make the game better. Trust me.

TDM is actually amazing the way they did it.

It Is down letting I can’t play with all my friends

I can chill with a friend & not be stupid crossed.

Feels like gears again with the OG 4v4. So I’d imagine it make king so much less cross & way better.

Oh I can’t wait for the duo cap on king then see all the “pro king” players flood the forums raging about what we or especially me has been going on about for weeks.

Hahaha the irony is mine too lick the tears of faces.

Can’t wait.

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Translation: These changes are reasonable until they effect me.

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Not at all read the post it says most not all there is plenty more i don’t agree with but this one stands out to me

Personally never had an issue with 5 v 5 for either TDM or KOTH.

Wish TC would just make something and stick with it.

I was just being sarcastic. I think what many of you are missing here is that the playbase is very, very small. Its definitely attributed to TC’s bad management of the game which drove people away in droves. As a result we are left with a small playerbase. This results in long queue times, high ping as they group everyone together to be able to keep those times shorter and just a massive challenge to put ranks close as they can in games together. This move is to reduce queue times and make more players available to create games. TC nor any company is going to come out and say yea we screwed up, the playerbase is small so therefore they will reduce 2 people that can be routed to other games instead of 5v5 making 4v4 and being able to create more matchmaking possibilities.

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Ranked is meant to be sweaty , you’re aspiring to be master rank and to be the best . That’s the whole point of playing multiplayer and have fun along the way too.
4 v 4 is a wrong call I’m afraid . Boring slow paced , you’re still going to get crossed by lancers in a 4 stack . It’s a pointless idea .
Here a idea king of the hill loadout weapons only , , ,no power weapons on the map . It plays so good .

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Should never have made it 5v5. Just lancer and cross fire of war

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5v5 my matches last 40 minutes on king of the hill.

Nothing but lancering. That’s not even sweaty. That’s just annoying.