No More Store Updates in Op 8 only the rewards & tour will still be active for the last week

Because we will not have a store for the last week because of Canadian Holiday week


Eh… no. There’s still two weeks left. Just because the store isn’t going to be updated next week doesn’t mean it’s over. Jesus wept…


There is no last week store it’s this week. This week store is the last week of Operation 8.

I know that. I can read. But how is the operation officially over tomorrow? The TOD still continues for two weeks; and people can still complete the Medals for another two weeks; AND the Versus event will run for two weeks. Tell me - how is it officially over?

PS: Also, the game disagrees with you as it clearly states that we are coming up to the end of week 9 (of 11) so there is weeks 10 and 11 left.


OP, you should change the name of the topic.

There are players who still need to complete medals and reaching General, and the title will confuse them


I did it for him.

Here we see a wild Pepper in its natural habitat. It is stalking for unsuspecting prey, looking to pounce upon them and correct their incorrect grammar or clickbaiting titles. Watch as it tenses up its back legs, lies prone on the ground, waiting for the prey to come close. The strike is quick, with utmost precision and coordination of all parts of the body. And yet another falls to the mighty wild Pepper, true to its scientific name of “Bleedingus Pepperus” as the blood of the victim falls off.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night.


Oh hello Mr Attenborough. You still watch wild life have sex from afar with high-powered cameras? :smiley:


The game is DEAD. The last operation is ending, but they’re literally still nickel and diming as well as drip feeding? WOW

I just assumed every week in Canada was a holiday week.


Oh the game isn’t dead? I already started dousing all of the game in petrol and because I spent so long queuing for this I am going to light it.

Why did this thread have to be created when it was already pointed out in this thread?


LOL :laughing:

Who care.