No more power weapons in FFA

Killed twice by boomshot immediately after spawning in one game is unacceptable balance wise.

Make it loadout weapons only with snipe or torque for pickup if you must have power weapons.


I would like to see no power weapon gameplay on free for all.


Or no power weapon for every type of Versus.

Lol. Power weapons still in FFA? Wonderful…

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TDM and Guardian would go to the time limit most matches without power weapons.


Good. :innocent:

Just get better at the game? It will help in all modes besides FFA.

I’m skillful enough to have been Masters every operation and to have been able to win or place 2nd in most of my FFA matches.

This has nothing to do with skill. This is a balance issue

There’s a spawn on Core where you spawn outside the room where Boomshot is. I spawned here twice and by mere coincidence, someone was exiting that room with Boomshot both times. Spawn protection only lasts so long. There’s literally nothing I can do in this scenario other than hope they miss or I tank a boom.