No more pack sistem in Gears 5

The fact that you have implemented the package system in Gears 4 has greatly overshadowed the gaming experience.
The players no longer feel that they are advancing in the game, a difference of the GEARS 3 gears when people liked to play to get their characters.


I don’t mind the pack system as long as it’s fair and reasonable. A non RNG option that isn’t money based would be great.

If we have to have those lootboxes, at the very least we must be able to create our own character while also being able to use canon characters. A good way to create some cool unique ■■■■ in the new game would be for the players to unlock separate pieces of each character. Each piece however can be used on created character. Pieces include: gloves, legs, chest, helm and body (whether it be Kim, theron or perhaps Grenadier?). If you have all 5 pieces of a character you unlock that character’s card. Key aspect is also a big rooster, all GoW 4 characters included.
I would allow loot boxes in this occasion tbh, because THEN it would be worth buying for money or spending ■■■■■■■ of creds.
I’m surprised TC is limiting themselves and their potential monetary gain.

Unfortunately, I feel the pack system is bere for the long haul and we wont e er go back to the progressive unlock system. While they can do both, they cant just do the progressive unlock one since its not as profitable.

i agree the pack system is CANCERRRR!

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System* other than that, pretty cool thread! I agree!

I’m wondering, if they keep RNG, how much will it affect Gears 5 sales?