No more gun skins for placing in escape

Have a look here. It says 12 stars for 750 coins at the Legend rank.



Yep, if you do all your objectives every day you are pretty much guaranteed to get it with boost, unless you get 5 one star objectives.

You could also get 1500 coins in a day if you get lucky enough with objectives.

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Ahh, I apologise, I forgot that previous rewards carry over. At least I hope that remains in this operation.

That does make it a lot better, to be truthful.

No need for apologies, I made the same mistake at first. But once I did the math then I was excited and rushed to get into the top 5%
By bringing attention to the confusion then you may have helped some people avoid missing out on 7,500k tomorrow.

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It is true it is nice with a lot of the stuff they did with the coins and everything but eventually once we finish everything then what? On gears 4 i had well over 2 million credits saved with nothing to do with them. My fear is the same will happen here which is why I thought the gun skins were awesome. Versus always gets them and I wish I was good even to play it but I am not at all LOL. So the escape skins were an awesome addition. I just don’t want to lose interest because once the grind starts for those re - ups it would be great and motivational to have something to look forward to.

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I heard the Fabricators will function completely differently in Escape - they’re basically going to offer you a choice between two fixed predetermined weapons.

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Well that’s better than anything.
I only hope they give some discount for Del or whatever

Lately I’ve noticed you can’t obtain skins for these modes.

I’m not much a player of these modes but it be nice if these players achieved their own skins instead of coins.

That way a pvp player like me can distinguish who can carry me in these modes when I see them… hah jk…

But I think these players should have their own unique skins back. Just like us pvp players have ranked skins.

It’s only fair.



Ranked skins and Escape skins disappeared at the same time. They were replaced with Gears Coins.

Just to clarify, we know ranked skins aren’t awarded for the preseason.

We don’t know about the season proper yet.


I would imagine it’s still Gears Coins but we’ll see. Maybe they’ve received feedback and could change rewards back to skins.


I am not a gambling man, but I bet the season proper will still award skins.

I guess we win find out in few weeks :slight_smile:

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I hope so, because eventually we won’t need coins anymore so then what? Skins at least are always great to work for. Even if they re-rolled old ones just something because my cards are almost done so coins will be nothing soon.

Lol Escape. They need to remove it