No more gun skins for placing in escape

Question, so with the new update, are they not giving away gun skins and only coins for placing in escape for now on? I’d would be a little sad if thats the case cause we just earn coins just playing and they were always cool skins. Its nice to show off some skills and get rewards for it.


We’re only getting coins for everything now. I liked being able to show off hard-to-earn skins too. Unfortunately, those who just want access to all skins in the game without having to complete difficult challenges for them far outnumber us, though.


At least they can give us the full toxic set or say something about it


Kinda agree…yes, but most no.
I managed to get the full infected set and im glad they haven’t put those sets in the store …yet.

But I must say I HATE the reward system in escape,always did.
I couldn’t manage to complete toxic and or windflare set because that horrible leaderboard.

I don’t personally agree with the removal of these skins as usually you could get them with a Insane, Incon or Master completion. But it is what it is.

But if they only give coins when they bring more Reups for “better reward”, that’ll be another entirely different bone of contention that we just get “more coins” when we already have tons available from the Tour to start with, because it’d be ridiculously bad as a Reup reward to only give coins.

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Everyone gets a trophy I guess. No more special skins.

To be honest, I’m glad, as I never used the weapon skins. I prefer the Gears coins so I can choose my own reward.


The Hivebuster weapon skins were decent with Hivebuster character skins and Paduk. The others, I didn’t use very much or at all.


Yeah, kinda disappointed. The max reward only gives you enough coins to craft one legendary card.

I appreciate that you can do whatever you want with it now, character skins, weapon skins, skill cards etc. But, those skins gave you something to grind for. It was a showcase of skill. I knew if someone had a Arid Gale skin that they were pretty decent at Escape.

My motivation to grind for leaderboard rewards is the lowest it has been since the launch of the game, especially with the ToD giving out plenty of coins for its legend rank after you hit General.

If this is the case I want to be able to purchase the masters skin set from versus lol


That part of the community cry a lot so isn’t a good idea. Welcome to the unofficial forums by the way

Do we know this rate yet?

At Legend rank you get 750 coins for every 12 stars.

You can find this from the ToD rewards page on the Gears 5 website.

Of course I’m presuming that it will remain the same amount of stars and the coins are the same.

But even so, it’s quite generous, and does encourage doing your objectives after getting to General, you could get it 5/6 times a week with the right RNG on objectives.


My only question with escape with Del.

It’s cool he’s added but he doesn’t have many skills that support escape.

Wait until they add fabricator to escape

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While you’re not wrong that the max reward gives you 4k enough to craft one legendary card, IF you qualify for that then you also qualify for the 2k below it and the 1k below that and the 500 below that for a total of 7,500 coin . Not just 4000.
Also… take a look at the past hives because the same thing applies. There are 3 this go which means that if you were top 5 in all of those then come tuesday you will be getting 30,000 coins.
That my friend is enough for 7.5 legendary cards!
I admit that I felt similar before I did the math but with all of these new skills added that RNG just isn’t giving me fast enough then this is going to help me solve that problem very fast. Honestly 7 legendary and 2 epic cards is very nice if you ask me. Very, very nice. I’ll take it and if you do too I think you’ll like it :grin:


That sucks sad face. I mean I get it but still made escape fun and why I wanted to play it.

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They’re kinda lazy reruns of the flaming skins from 4.

If they bringing back any skins they need to bring back this.

Wow, 750 coins per level. I hope it’s 12 stars at every level! I easily earn that everyday with boost!

I’m guessing it’ll be 35 or more stars, same as the General rank. 12 stars would be ridiculously easy.