No more Flags/Banners in next ToD?

Just thought about it, but since they already “gave” us Banners for each rank in ToD, if they don’t change the ranks name / pictures, we shouldn’t have Banners in ToD ? Seems logical, no ?

That would be so great. Like unlocking real things every couple days.


Yeah it’s going to be interesting to see how they handle this one. I imagine they’ll still reward banners but just new ones. Who knows.


I wish. Somehow I doubt any future operation will lack in filler rewards. Still hopeful for the game’s future though.

I can see it now.

General is now:

Super Ultra Mega General.


They’ll either create banners specifically for OP2 or replace them with marks. Every battlepass is filled with mostly fodder, and Gears’ ToD is no different.

What if you didn’t progress very far in the ToD ranks in operation 1 or didn’t even play the game during operation 1? Maybe you’ll just get scrap if they keep the same banners, the same as all other duplicates?

I wish with the banners that you got them as soon as you hit that level and then unlocked something else. I hate that the first tier is always a banner

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The banners and blood sprays are pointless and serve no purpose in the game what so ever! At least in gears 4 your player banner was displayed in the lobby


More than likely they’ll just reward you with scrap for duplicate unlocks.

Remember, not everyone who will ever play the game will have unlocked everything in OP1.