No more buying boost?

So are we saying the boost that I had from before is not worth anything?

Nobody got screwed by this more than I did lol. I’m not just the moron who bought the boost for my wife on her account (she had 2,850 iron) on Monday night but I have a 185 day boost myself…. Grrr! I wish I wouldn’t have extended mine then!

I could have used the iron for re-rolls as someone else pointed out. Get some extra stars to power my gold reserves haha. Man oh man.

I think it’s that yeah I did a few horde matches

Pretend you bought a lifetime supply.

Money was a value really.

kind of wish TC communicated to the community that there was going to be permanent boast going forward but they told us nothing for the past 3 weeks. If they also knew they was going to remove the boast option eventually why did they include so much iron in the tour of duty to begin with. Its worthless now. Iron was really only valuable for boast and now you cant use it on that so it has no value to me unless you want to buy bundles or items in the store but items why even use iron on that its scarce and gears coins you can get a lot more of than iron in a season. Should of just removed the ability to purchase iron completely because who would spend real money on it now no one. It was already slim in season 9 that people would purchase iron anyway but now i can see no logical reason to pay real money for iron.


You could just put the game down for about 6 months until your boost runs out, then you wouldn’t have a huge excess of boost when you finish the game.

I’m joking, just look at it as a permanent change to the Boost amount. Seriously, that sucks that you got the short end of the stick from what, two 100-day purchases? Hope you didn’t burn actual money to grt that much iron.

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100% agree. The one and only thing I feel they did right on the first try with Gears Pop!’s closure was to refund monetary purchases from the previous couple months. They managed to muck up ranks, levels, and pins by the time they were done, but at least they recognized the burn that dropping money on a game that was entering the sunset phase would have.

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Personally I don’t really care about many cosmetics, but now with an abundance or Iron I would rather spend it on extra boost. Keep boost as an option to have 300% boost going instead of permanent 200%.

Boost is permanently given out each day and giving +300% instead of the previous +100%


I want to ask something about how the forums works:

Why there isn’t any visual cue in a topic when TC GEARS post?

Is it because the account is “Community team”?

It could be nice to see that feature again

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It might be since it isn’t a “TC Employee” per se.


Good question, I don’t know sorry. I presume they would have to have it set by their admin person

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Are people getting +300% without an active boost of their own they had on? I’m wondering once my boost finishes will it go to just +100%?

Really? I thought those with an active boost got 300% instead of 200%.

No such thing as non-active boost.

Everyone is getting boost for free each day.

I get that but people who already had boost surely they get +300% and that’s why. If someone didn’t have they only get +100%? I’m just wondering when my boost runs out if I’ll still get +300%?

Your boost doesn’t run out, you get +1 day to your total every day.

TC took feedback about how poorly designed their boost system and UI explaining it was and have effectively given all players 4x the base amount of exp as part of sunsetting this game, and also removed the ability to purchase boost so people don’t waste any more money/iron on it.

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It seems strange that they would get rid of boost. I’m not complaining at all but some people were obviously still paying for boost and it seems strange that a company would stop an income stream.

Also, it seems it was very poorly communicated/anticipated which would only aggrevate paying customers who probably would have rethought their recent iron purchases. Of course better communication would probably have reduced these recent sales but then money doesn’t seem to be the motivator for the change since they are cutting what is an income stream. I’m really confused.


Some previous Gears titles had a perm exp boost to sunset it, but I agree, having something like a blogpost ahead of time letting players know about the changes so people would know not to buy it would have helped.