No more buying boost?

Wait! What?

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Has TC actually confirmed it’s permanent?

I feel like they would make a big deal out of it if it were. Or like… any deal. I haven’t seen one mention of it.


Really?! Seen it’s now 4xp on all modes

Boost will be permanently given away for free so everyone gets an even XP muliplier from now on.


Is it now 4xp ?

That’s fantastic! But what does that mean, if anything, for those of us who already purchased Boost with Iron that’s still going? I used iron to get 100 days of boost less than a month ago.


If it’s 4X XP for everyone, it’s actually 1X XP.


Ironically my boost ran out last week. Was looking to see why I had gotten free boost the last two days.

Iron can buy skins.

Was the free boost announced and I missed it?

In a way, but the game didn’t scale with it.

Quicker reups for those not maxed and tour rewards faster is all.

If it means people with boost get 4xp that’s really good tbh

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Are we getting 4x CXP too?

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So are we saying the boost that I had from before is not worth anything?

Nobody got screwed by this more than I did lol. I’m not just the moron who bought the boost for my wife on her account (she had 2,850 iron) on Monday night but I have a 185 day boost myself…. Grrr! I wish I wouldn’t have extended mine then!

I could have used the iron for re-rolls as someone else pointed out. Get some extra stars to power my gold reserves haha. Man oh man.

I think it’s that yeah I did a few horde matches

Pretend you bought a lifetime supply.

Money was a value really.

kind of wish TC communicated to the community that there was going to be permanent boast going forward but they told us nothing for the past 3 weeks. If they also knew they was going to remove the boast option eventually why did they include so much iron in the tour of duty to begin with. Its worthless now. Iron was really only valuable for boast and now you cant use it on that so it has no value to me unless you want to buy bundles or items in the store but items why even use iron on that its scarce and gears coins you can get a lot more of than iron in a season. Should of just removed the ability to purchase iron completely because who would spend real money on it now no one. It was already slim in season 9 that people would purchase iron anyway but now i can see no logical reason to pay real money for iron.


You could just put the game down for about 6 months until your boost runs out, then you wouldn’t have a huge excess of boost when you finish the game.

I’m joking, just look at it as a permanent change to the Boost amount. Seriously, that sucks that you got the short end of the stick from what, two 100-day purchases? Hope you didn’t burn actual money to grt that much iron.

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100% agree. The one and only thing I feel they did right on the first try with Gears Pop!’s closure was to refund monetary purchases from the previous couple months. They managed to muck up ranks, levels, and pins by the time they were done, but at least they recognized the burn that dropping money on a game that was entering the sunset phase would have.

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