No More Bots, Please!

I hope they won’t bring bots back in Gears 6.
All I really play is social. I always hated bots in versus.

Considering I only play vs bots, I hope they dont remove bots.


Do you mean Bots as in AI in multiplayer ? If so, no way. I do not play “co-op” but as players leave we need bots to fill some games/ lobbies.

To clarify I HATE playing against a.i in multiplayer but they do serve a purpose.

IF you mean as an enemy type in the story and therefore in mp, I agree. :+1:


Can I ask why, far more satisfying to slay human players albeit a lot more frustrating😲

I mainly play PvE, and I just dont have the time or patience to invest in getting good in PvP so I prefer to go up against bots for dailys and such.


Fair enough :+1:

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It’s cool to host or join a PvE session, I just don’t like how they have bot backfills for PvP. No other popular PvP shooter game has that (CoD, Battlefield, Overwatch, whatever else people play).

You have to remember that gears is not a super popular game, without backfilling there would probably be alot of games that are just half full, that or it would take forever to even get a match.


Yeah, true. I didn’t mind the Gears 1 days where matches would be 2v3 or whatever combination. I would rather have that than backfills. But that’s just me.

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Keep the bots. Please!

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Bots for quick play
No bots for ranked

Simple as



Lol all these masochists who like playing against bots

“I, for one, welcome our new bot Overlords” :wink::grin:

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