No matter what way you tune the weapons is gonna make this game better balanced more focus on movement tunning needs to be addressed

Since the TC refuses to police their game and prevent moded content those with rapid fire will always have perfect accuracy and as long as aim assist is available this can also be utilized and altered by hackers, in my opinion the tunning should be like that of arcade but maybe even a bit more damage all guns even the gnasher, ever weapon should to more damage at closer range and yea I even think stopping power needs to be better implemented into the game, its rediculous that some one can be getting pelted with bullets and still run straight into fire and land a shot gun kill with out dying, beyond that the biggest issue I see is the movement tunning, its absolutely rediculous that a person can move side to side faster than a stationary person looking around, I can have my sensitivity at max and it’s no where near quick enough able to let lead my shots, how can the TC not see the problem with this, have a friend stand 5 feet away hell any distance away while you stand stationary holding a tennis ball have them run side to side in your direction who is gonna be quicker going from point A to point B? The person running from point to point or the person who is stationary shooting from point to point? This is why the player pool and loyalty of players is such crap on gears and so much better on games like COD people want what makes sense when it comes the dynamics and physics of reality, and no arguing that this games is scifi doesnt justify it rediculous movement mechanics

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Okay, but weapons do not need to be like arcade…

Sooo??? What movement type do you want.

Op.2 or op3?