-No map rotations in Horde-

I don’t know if someone has done a post about it but I’m just tired of the same maps over and over again…
Seems like the only way to play some maps are in private with a squad :smirk:
So what’s the point of me having all the maps when I can’t even play them on public?
I know is late by now to be mad about it but would be nice if the TC can at least do something about it and lets not talk about people quitting as soon as wave 1 starts :neutral_face:

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Why Map Voting is missing in Horde - I’ll never know :-1:


Yeah, I know suxxx we haven’t that in this game still can believe that feature was not included because imo that is a key part of the game mode :smirk:

Exactly but I’m sure this will be in 5 :+1:

Imagine playing Gears 5 on Blood Drive forever because players keep voting for it and you’ll never get a taste of Horde in another map

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I know what you mean but since I have the game I haven’t play on Gridlock, Checkout on some others suxxx to be playing long a$$ maps

Maybe if instead of 5 player Horde they can do 10 player Horde and more people can vote

But it wouldn’t always appear out of 3.

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Gridlock, checkout and a few others were taken out of rotation a long time ago. Versus players didn’t like the maps.

3 of us played a KOTH game in ranked on checkout last night, so clearly that statement is not correct

They were taken away from HORDE rotation.

The way the other person worded it sounded like he was taking about versus. He did say versus players didn’t like them. He didn’t mention Horde

If map voting is not in gears 5. I don’t know what tc do with these forums. The amount of times threads have been made asking for it is unbelievable.
Versus has it so why not horde.
I’m hoping they learn from a lot of there mistakes on gow4.


except that will never happen because blooddrive is never on the map rotation