No love for Lahni?

Is it just me, or are there literally no skins for Lahni? What do you guys have against her?


Lol I’m not sure why they took out the Islander Lahni as Keegan has the Quartermaster one and Mac got the Delivery Driver, but the main reason is she is a made up character specifically for this game so it’s harder to design skins for her.


Lahni and Keegan both only have 1 skin each (excluding their Hive skin) but Mac has two. So idk why they both don’t get more. An Onyx one for Keegan and a civilian-like one maybe for Lahni.

But Kait, JD, and Baird have 6+ skins.

It’s really unbalanced.

I don’t think so. If she’s made for this game, and one of the forerunners of their new mode–I feel like Scorpio doesn’t get the love they deserve.

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Lahni does have a chrome steel skin as well.

Well yes, but I mean skin skins not an Esports one.

Would like to see her in her gear armour.


TC really should put the Lahni islander skin back into the store. They put delivery driver mac in, and no one likes that one.



Agree totally. The islander skin is sick although one of my online mates freaked out when he noticed she isnt wearing any shoes lol. And I think there’s a cold weather skin or something for mac that I missed which looks really cool and hasn’t shown up in the store.

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Yep, I was looking for the Islander skin the moment the new shop came out… would be nice if we get that back in the store at some point, given that Mac and Keegan both have at least one option…

Waiting on the Islander, CS, or Wilds skins to come back. Money is burning a hole in my wallet and there’s nothing to spend it on thanks to the store update making everything free! Guess I’ll need to spend it on other games, then. Already got the Odyssey season pass and RE2 with money previously earmarked for Gears before the update.

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Is this a joke? TC said it was the best skin, obviously highly anticipated, fought for and in limited digital quantity! Delivery driver lahni is pretty much confirmed at this point.

Wilds Mac! At least I have that skin. :crazy_face:

Yes very odd both Mac and Keegan got theirs and no Islander for Lahni.