No king of hill? Wtf

People say King was the most competitive but I always thought it was the most player friendly.

Unlimited lives. Close spawns. etc.

I rather have set spawns that can’t be manipulated like King.

Sounds like you prefer TDM or a mode with limited lives.
If King isn’t for you then no need to comment as what you look for in a mode isn’t in KOTH

Personally I’ve played KOTH only in 4 & 5 and can say I have gone up against the best in those (especially in 4)
And the rivalries you built on 4 solely by recognizing the other teams GT’s made it even more competitive

tbh this game I rarely go up against someone I recognize, quickplay KOTH is a joke, will definitely agree that it’s novice friendly now

I’ve played top king players & it’s no more competitive than any other mode.

What makes a mode competitive is the player base, i’d say.

TDM was too competitive, in my opinion.

King is just spawn based and rotations. Whoever controls the spawns will win and not only that the game spawns teams too close.

I played district last night on quickplay and I remember being spawned at Buzz while the enemy was being spawned on both sides of juice - after I kept killing them - it was an onslaught of forgiving spawns for the enemy.

That’s just terrible.

Went to control and the spawns made sense.

That’s my only gripe with king. The spawns make it uncompetetive and more for the casual.

Some truth to that, I cannot stand the campers and seeing who makes the first move tbh; but it’s me being impatient in TDM

I get what you mean, other team gets close spawns and I get the cross map diagonal spawn
Control for me is easy, can be because it’s no rank so I get faced with dweebs

But to each their own, hoping they’ll put it KOTH in competitive one day.
Until then, I will play Control until Escalation comes back lol (hoping also its Gears 4 Esc.)

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Hey my friend how’s everything going? Have you miss me? :laughing::rofl: this guys got me crazy ,keep doing stupid changes from annex to king of the hill to control… wtf??? Epic was better than coalition …

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ah a man of culture :relieved:

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Definitely missed you bro. When you gonna lag with me?

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I’m with u bro. I am SO PISSED. They just ruined my favorite game. I am DONE.


This player is right. The games is almost TWO YEARS OLD and they’re still tweaking it. Just let it be dang. Get out of everyone’s face already TC. Fair play, Rank, and leave the fu%#ing mechanics alone already.


King of the hill is by far the most competitive versus mode if you’re a good player you gonna make it , but if you suck you should play horde… king of the hill you feel the adrenaline … if you know the Gears of War history you should know better… 1,2,3,4,5, judgment . Best 2 and 3


Any modes “competitive”

I often come to the conclusion that only biased people say that the mode they prefer the most is competitive- completely disregarding all the talent in other modes.

I swear why do people assume I’m clueless to gears & start making assumptions I’m some noob… oh well…

You’d never know what I’ve achieved In this franchise - & probably be surprised- as a ranked player … guess my opinion differs so there for I’m a noob because logic.

& how dare I call out a mode with infinite lives…

I agree with you!
And Series x can run on 120fps only if someone had a super monitor for it anyway its same 60 just like one x . But can enjoy the short loading times and some faster and amazing stuff and that’s it for me because that monitor is so expensive maybe I can buy after two years so pc players have preference.


That’s really only Snubbs lol

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You’d be surprised how often I’d get this… but I’ll take I guess

I’m just a measly gold tier now a days

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