No king of hill? Wtf

King of the hill


no other words needed. Agreed!


Wtf is wrong with this people :unamused:?.keep doing stupid changes as always :unamused: leave the fxxx game alone don’t do stupid changes you guys are fxxxx axxx … been playing this game for 12 years …


Lol Reborn whats up my homie😂

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Same old same old , not even one good gamemode on “Competitive” list , forced crossplay .

IF they forces us to play crossplay for player counts , why they leave most popular gamemode out of playlist ?


At this point, I just want Arcade back.

No Op 6 rewards and now no King of the Hill.

If we’re bound and determined to mess up ranked…sorry, competitive…just give me back Arcade so I have some reason to do multi.


One thing I love about Arcade is because of abilities and different load outs . it’s a mode you can practice all different types of weapons and get better at them along with abilities, always found people in Arcade , good way to do Daily Challenges

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Been playing since Gears1. Operation 5 was the best. The movement was on point and the game was great. Now you force us to play with PC players who have an advantage in response time and frame rate which is not fair.

The cherry on top is you remove the best mode KOTH from competitive play. You have now lost all the regular players of this game. I will be moving on to other games unless KOTH is added back to ranked.


I was looking for King In the competitive side and nothing… Why are they forcing cross play


Koth is the biggest blight on Gow5, good riddance to that awful mode.

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Pc players demand more meat to grind,
and now TC give them just that .


Wish they kept KOTH as well.


Sound like a personal problem for the PC

Could be, but advance is a fact, that’s why i choose to keep crossplay button in Off position .

" Not everyone have one x or even series x yet "

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A man of simple words with such big impactful meaning, god it makes me cry.


If they made it best of 3 and reduced points needed it’d be fine imo.

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Never understood why people enjoyed this mode.

I killed a whole team for them to spawn by the hill.

At least on control the spawns are reasonable.

I would have been ok that they swapped Control for KOH. EXCEPT for the fact that they made it one F-ing long round! I hate it.

Can someone point me to ANYONE who asked for a 1 round Control?

I’ve always taken care to be constructive in my criticisms and not snarky towards the developers. But this is F-ing stupid. 1 round blows. Now that there is no ranking system at all , what goal are we even trying to attain by playing ranked playlist? I’m just confused and a bit annoyed.

KOTH is the most competitive team mode there is in Gears.

Played quickplay yesterday, easily smacked the team that was already playing

It depends where your teamates are if they’re blocking the other spawns

Not really since on maps like Checkout, Tomb, Clock, really any map, the rings are easier to get to since they’re king kong size and the ring placements are reduced because of the same reason

Yeah I agree, played 15 matches in the time span of 2 hours which for KOTH would’ve taken a lot longer.
& the ranking system gone makes all the matches easier, only had one close match that I lost by 20points.

The others I won and were blowouts


Before complaing , thought i’d try it first so played 3 games of control, its sooooo feckin boring, think i’ll probarly be skipping this season, anyone know if there are still afew players on gears 4?