No kick function in lobby

Anyone thinks that it is a pain in the ■■■ there is no kicking in the lobby now? Just cannot find a decent Game as people are coming in as low levels and duplicate characters and we can do nothing about it…many arguments between players because of this!

Hey there,

I haven’t had an issue with this. What mode are you playing on? Xbox or PC?

We need kick in custom games. Trolls flock to them to just be ■■■■■. I don’t want kick in public matches though. People paid for the game and shouldnt be kicked because some person doesn’t like the way they are playing. Just my opinion.

Horde mode xbox… everyone is having this problem

PC has also lost the kick in custom horde lobby since upgrade

Apparently so Node said on another post on this forum, its a bug, another one! So will hopefully be fixed then we can have kick option in custom games again.