NO INSANE Campaign Difficultly Rewards for Multiplayer

My friend and I beat the campaign on insane in about 19 hours. It was fun, but also filled with a lot of frustrating deaths and redoing the same areas over, and over, and over… Yet upon completion, we only received an achievement. No banners, camos, player skins, or any rewards to show off the challenge that we grinded so hard to achieve.

Can this post receive any attention necessary that will cause the developers to reconsider their rewards for completing the campaign on INSANE!


they lack rewards in every possible thing that can give u rewards


There wasn’t any for Gears 4. There wont be for Gears 5.

The reward you get is personal pride in knowing you’ve beaten the game on the highest difficulty. Wish I had something for completing Halo 2 on legendary back in the day.


At least you got the achievement, I didn’t even get that :smiley:


Gears 3 had some unlockables for finishing the Campaign on insane, and in Gears 3 you could use “Super Reload” and insane will be so easy.

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Not only was there actually a reward in Gears 4, but it actually carried over into Gears 5.

There was a reward in 4 though. Only reason I play insane lol. I’m in the same boat as him. Pissed

■■■■ pride. everybody i guess except for him plays it on insane for unlocks and achievements not for pride or self accomplishment… wtf gears is slacking and there was a reward in four i’ve played every single one on insane difficulty. Hopefully Epic games realizes there mistake and adds some items or in game rewards in a update. wouldn’t be hard they add ■■■■ all the time. so i would say beat it on insane and wait and hopefully we get some loot from Epic.

You mean Gilded RAAM? It only needed to be done on Hardcore, and that was a post-content challenge that can’t be done anymore.

Then again, I could be mistaken. I never saw any requirements saying you needed to beat it on Insane. Especially none that carried over to Gears 5.

I just beat it couple days ago but I didn’t get it either. Said I only have 80% of the campaign done but I beat the game in experienced so idk what’s going on