No Incentive to play

There seems to be a severe lack of incentive to play all game modes apart from campaign.
getting a character to level 18 in Horde or Escape is a long grind and for what? a rare banner? really… surely a skin would be more logical.
there’s no re-up system in place at the moment surely something that should be implemented when the games released…
and also doing campaign on insane only rewards an achievement which is most likely bugged like my completing campaign achievement.
the game just feels empty and almost pointless to play online

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Well we have another 3 months of basically just re-skins to add to the current lack of content (mostly maps and characters) before we see if the next TOD actually adds something worthwhile and gives you an incentive to work through it :+1:

It’s because all kills online are meaningless due to many balancing issues,