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No idea if i should return to Gears 5

I have had a week off Gears 5, and i find i am not missing the game at all. Other know how opinionated i am about the problems with the game, these are my personal preferences of course, problems that i find ruin the experience for me.
I am not going in to great detail, there is no need, i am just wondering, is it really worth coming back, even knowing the state of the game i continued playing, there are parts of the game i do like, which end up being ruined by other parts. To that end, i am in two minds.
So, what do you think. At the moment i am playing Witcher 3 and Star Trek Online. I have decided i am not going back to Gears of War 4, and Gears of War 3 is so lagged up, it is not worth playing, which is a crying shame.


Doom Eternal next month. Enough said. No micro transactions or in-game stores will be in it. You get everything by earning it in the game.


If you don’t miss the game, don’t play it. Wait until the bugs get fixed and TC add more content, so I’d say wait until Op3 drops.

Plenty of great games out there to play.


Yes. Even at Ops 3, who knows if it will be worth it. Like many have asked for, they need maps for MP. Even though I don’t bother with MP, if there are no new maps, the players base will drop more than ever.



Op3 is kinda make or break for me for the short-term future of me playing this game.

If it’s bad, Doom Eternal will cycle with Apex, if its good, I’ll cycle Doom with Gears 5.


I haven’t played since November and I miss Gears. I’d l8ve to try Gears5 again but just can’t accept their mtx scam and ToD grind.

Started playing Gears of War 2 campaign again. It’s great but geez the 30fps is jarring.

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The game isnt honestly doing to great right now. Since the game came out 1 year before it was ready. That’s what hurt this game badly. But T.C had to push it out before the Terminator movie came out. That movie was pretty crappy. Having the mentality of oh we can just patch the game up at a later date has hurt them badly. Loot boxes, grindy unwanted challenges that no one ask for. Characters that were in the game already. We still cant get the Gears 2 curbstomp since the community blasted T.C trying to have people spend 5 bucks to unlock it. So they punish the fans by not making it free. They take it out completely. Things got so bad that Rod left. A key developer left the company as well. The Gears franchise is in real trouble. Cliffy B may be the only hope left to save this sinking ship. I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen. As of right now. There is no reason at all to play Gears 5. I been playing Rock Band 2, Rage 2, World War Z. Once Doom, and Resident Evil 3 come out. I’ll be on those. When a game starts to feel like a 2nd or 3rd job that you dont feel rewarded with. That game company has failed. Games are supposed to be a form of entertainment. A good way to escape. Decompress from the world, etc. Just saw all the typos I had. Damn phone keeps messing up.


Well lets see if the Gnasher update today improves the game or makes it worse.

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I’ll be the first person in any conversation to complain about those stupid terminator skins. However, I don’t think that had any bearing on the reason this game was rushed out. At least I really hope not.

I would say it’s a given, releasing a game with promotional content AFTER the release of what is being promoted simply does not happen, whoever agreed the deal, that is who needs shooting

If it’s your first run of The Witcher 3 then ditch everything else and enjoy the best game made in recent history. If it’s your second + run then just wait for OP3 to be released in order to remotely consider returning to G5.

By myself, I don’t even turn on the xbox, I only do when we have at the very least a party of three since joking among friends seems to be the only way to deal with the mess Gears has turned into.

Thank you all for the replies, i have decided i am going to leave Gears 5 for a while, when it is released i will try the new Op3. Until then, i will continue (my first run) on the Witcher 3 and some Star Trek Online.
Who knows, i might get the urge to play Gears 5 some time in the future. before Op 3, it happened to me on gears of War 4 Horde, could happen again.
Thank you :slight_smile:


We will keep you posted on how it plays after todays update.

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Ive been on pubg lately since the new smaller map kaskarakin whatever it is called was added pubg has been a great 3rd person shooter that replaced gears for me I personally don’t like 1st person shooter games but hope my comment helps with other 2rd person shooter preferred players.

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I’ve got way too many games to play. I’d love to try out the new gnasher changes but I think I’ll wait till op3. My main multiplayer game right now is apex legends. What a fantastic game that is FILLLED with creativity and brimming with love and support. You can rlly tell Respawn poured their hearts and souls into apex legends.

It’s a shame gears doesn’t even come the slightest bit close to having that kind of entertainment value and creativity with just their characters.

As a long time gears fanatic I think about what gears would be like if it had the same kind of support and innovation…and…well…actual good ideas.

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Don’t. Shelve the game and come back in a year. Maybe then this dumpster fire of a game will be better.

If you wanna play a beta attempt of a Gears of War game then go ahead.

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i took 2 months off and just came back and i like the way the gnasher feels now but i still hate getting bad team mates every match. i certainly will not be playing for much longer

The game is a bag of ■■■■ the movement is just crap and i cannot wipe my own ■■■ in this ■■■■ game i get up a’d every 2 seconds and lancered every 2 seconds its the worst experience ever the shotgun can never be fixed its still useless .gears of war 3 way better. I do the exact same stuff in that game and i get kills but in this it doesnt work and i just keep dying in a repeated cycle of getting lancered down and teammates not giving support fire i want a refund the game is terrible i accidently bought it thinking it would be good but no

My advice would be to break your gears 5 disc or uninstall it and hide from games library if you have digital and just get gears 3 if you dont already have it and play that

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Id hold off on Doom Eternal. It’s just my gut feeling. Wait till AngryJoe or someone reviews it before pre ordering. I love the idea there’s no microtransactions but one thing bothers me.
It’s that the first game was an unexpected success. After all the awful reboots we’ve had(Duke Nukem Forever) I don’t think anyone expected Doom to be any good. We were wrong but now that they know people are hyped up for the sequel things can go wrong. They could try changing the game to appeal to a wider audience, they can try to tune down the gore for a rated T for Teen or they could find a way to throw in loot boxes. Luckily they “promised” us the 3rd option won’t happen. I’ve been lied to by game developers before so I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope I’m wrong and the game does well. My point is when a game becomes popular, someone from high up says “We got a big audience. How can we get more money out of them?”