No Hammerburst in TDM

Like seriously?

Every map, every round rotation, and not a single HB pick up to be found.

It’s absurd. A staple weapon throughout the series.

Instead we have LMGs, grenade launchers, etc

This games weaponry has now gone the CoD route as well

I have never seen such a new player friendly Gears.

Especially on the map bunker.

It’s a campfest. Countless time limit reached matches.

This is NOT gears.

Very unhappy with the VS outlook

It should be a loadout weapon. It’s been one since gears 2.

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Well crybabies thought it was too powerful in 4. Same with the Retro.


G5 is Gears for Babies 100%

I’ve been saying since they took it out in 4. It contributes to offering an increase in different play style. More variety increases longevity.

Balance it. Make it work. Taking it out because it wasn’t balanced in gears 4 is a lazy way of doing things.

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Instead let’s take out a staple weapon, but out in grenade launchers and flashbangs hahahhahahja

Pretty silly if you ask me


Yet they can also make the lancer an instadown on active fire rate, but the HB is OP?


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