No Halo Reach Characters?

I’ll try

How do I restart the game

Is there any way that the shared account can have the halo aspects?

I don’t think Gamesharing allows them to access the Add-ons. I had a similar issue with Black Ops 4 previously where I gameshare with my friend, and I had all the Season Pass characters, but he couldn’t use any of them. I think games with this feature lock the Add-On characters to the account that owns the Pass.

How do i restart the game

My dad has the ultimate edition. He’s shared to me. Do I sign out of my account or do I sign out of his and reinstall it on his or mine?

Try signing out he account that has the subscription.
I guess I am not sure that’s what did it. It only worked for 2 of 3 sharing profiles. The third got a trial of regular game pass from the Chip’s Ahoy promo. I think that is interfering.
It might be easier and faster to get the $2 Ultimate trial then cancel.

I was never signed into his account, his account is just the home account to my Xbox. I can still install and delete it without his account being active on my account. For example his name is black status red, mines is fierceturtle794(forgot to change the name), do you have any social media where I can take a picture and show you. I uninstalled it last night following your instructions and installed it on my dads account and woke up with the same terminator pack on my account. (Probably didn’t follow instructions right)

All I did was uninstall it and reinstall with the other profile. Nothing technical. If it works, great. If not then sorry. It didn’t work out for all of our profiles. Only twice.

Uninstall And reinstall from the sharers account(my dads that has the ultimate gamepass) or uninstall and reinstall from my account

Is that the way to get the pass

Sign out whoever has the Halo characters.


I don’t have any halo content and I am not gamesharing I’m playing through steam and I have the ultimate edition installed. I hope they hurry up.

Thanks. Added you as a friend

I also dont have it, wish they would hurry. Not that it matters but it would be nice to get what I should have.

Same problem here !
I buy the xbox ultime game pass and i dont have de reach pack!

If I cancel the 2 months for $2 do I still keep the characters

Yes you do.

Here the stupid thing that happened to me.
Me and my dad share accounts and occationally juggle between who buys ultimate.

As of right now his accounts has gamepass, so he does have the halo reach characters but mine doesn’t, but the weird thing is that a joke account i made a while back does have the characters!

Makes no sence at all.