No Gilded Ram After meeting all requirements

I remember the original Transformers cartoon being awesome. Also Captain Planet, Voltron, and Spider-Man

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90s/00s definitely the best period for TV - IMO.

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Totally agree. I feel bad for these kids with no good saturday morning cartoons lol

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I don’t how I was up at like 6-7am ready for the morning to start back then :sweat_smile:

For real. :rofl: I had trouble getting up at that time during the week for school

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Oh yeah,

School was an issue for sure,

Your favourite shows - no problem!


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I also miss the corny intros to a lot of these shows

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I used to watch Catch The Pigeon.

Even though it’s so annoying!! :sob:


Holy smokes! You guys make me feel old. I used to have to sit through MASH while waiting for Peanuts.

You guys are forgetting Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Quest and Swatcats.

I didnt forget those as I didnt watch those


There was a deadline to complete all requirements in June.

I’m closing this since gone waaay off topic…


Yes they are.

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