No Gears 6 @ Gamescom

Weak MS Lineup @ Gamescom,
No Gears 6, then we’ll have to wait until the Games Award End Year or the X Box Game Show 2023

Well of course. It would be silly to expect Gears news at anything other than E3 next year.


Maybe the fenix collection will get shown…?

So still Schrödinger’s JD and Del!? :unamused:


Only thing I’ve ever heard of that is fan rumors. Haven’t seen anything official to indicate that’s being worked on.

Would be dope though. But I don’t think we see a major Gears title until 2024.

I think MS showed off most of its upcoming titles at their own show, and TC have only recently finished hiring for their FT positions, so I expect any announcements to be next year or later


Gears 6 released in 2024 would be a better Gears 6 then if released in 2023 … This community complains so much about gears 5 and expects a new game of a high standard in such a short time … Not gonna happen.


True but also I think Gears 6 will or SHOULD be Series X / PC only to adjust to the new graphics engine - UE5.

Plus having games work on like 17 platforms is a setup for failure. Too many things can go wrong. I.e. Cyberpunk 2077…which came out on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, PC, Stadia.


This is going to become a recurring meme — each gaming expo that comes and passes, no g6/Fenix collection announcement because one probably doesn’t exist and the other never will.


While the community does complain quite a bit, I wouldn’t call this a short amount of time. Typically Gears titles release every 3 years. So by the typical release schedule, Gears 6 should’ve been out this year. But obviously Covid happened and tons of people had to stay home, etc.

But I agree, give Gears 6 all the time it needs to be a finished and polished game. Last gen is now behind us and I hope TC can really tap into the current gen hardware to make Gears 6 the best it can be.

No it wouldn’t lmao. There’s no real precedent for longer development time (than usual) creating a vastly superior game.

This longer dev time is going to hurt Gears 6 more than help it — and it seems more likely to be 2025 than 2024.

Honestly it depends on who TC hires and if they hire the right people. People like TC Michael_AOS for example.

While you can’t guarantee that a game coming out later than it should’ve will better, it certainly won’t be better if it came out sooner.

My point is that anything over the standard dev time is no guarantee of increased quality based on games in a similar vein to GoW (AAA Console MP Shooters). And that an extended drought will harm the community around the game itself and lead to a worse outcome in Gears 6 regardless of the games quality. You need a hardcore community of players who will be playing the game 6 months after launch.