No game xp for completing matches

Is anyone else not getting any xp or progress toward there challenges? Just played an entire match of horde and didnt get any levels or progress toward my Marcus character…

There might be a few of us.

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Neat. I’m on console so I guess both pc and xbox are having that problem

Yeah same problem for me im on the Steam version and got nothing at all for the last few matches including credit for my tour of duties.

Same here. Waiting for 5 ranked KoTH matches … points, progress etc…

I just hope it is somewhere on server just waiting … if not, well then … ■■■■ happens … move on.

I’m sure they will sort it out pretty quick . unfortunately every game launch has teething issues in this era it’s to be expected

Estou se subir o level a horas. Nao importa o modo que jogo.

I played four games of elite escape with my friends and we didn’t get a single bit of XP, nobody is playing now because you play to earn nothing

Just got out of a Versus game… no xp

It’s happening again fix your DAMN game!

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