No footsteps - or really any sounds from behind you

Is Coalition aware of this issue? @TC_Octus

At some point, i’m assuming an update… there are no longer footsteps behind you and all sounds (weapons, vocals, etc) are extremely quiet.

Getting annoying.

This is even with headphones along with using the recommended (and purchased) Dolby Atmos.

No idea if it affects consoles or not.

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I only notice this when connection is bad…most of the time I can hear them coming from miles away.

Footsteps are a lot better than they ever were in 4, but there is still some work needed. Most notably imo with when there is a lot going on, the footsteps seem to be almost non-existent.

Ya’ll on PC or Console?

Mine have disappeared completely unless they are directly in front of me.

Both, it’s a better experience on PC, but that could just be down to the hardware capabilities.


What’s equipment are you using?

I use a logitech g633 with default USB drivers for the Dolby Atmos (that gears 5 uses)

Uninstalled the logitech usb headset software (conflicts).

i am on console. i can hear footsteps just fine. i can really hear the termintor skin coming from a mile away.

I am using astro

I find the whole game unplayable compared to pc, it’s truly crazy

Nothing special. Using a zxr outputting to K701 at the moment.

Thanks for making me look.

Windows spatial is disabled for some reason… that could be the culprit.

… The driver got reverted somehow. I’ve updated it and reenabled Dolby atmos.

Hopefully that corrects the issue.

I play console and notice the same issue with my headset on…I can hear the footsteps but having trouble pinpointing where they are coming from. Even if I turn around they still sound like they are all around me.

Hmmm I am using turtle beach headsets…you have any recommendations on what I should change in my settings? I mean sometimes it does sound like its in one ear more than others but that is the exception. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Isn’t this the way it should be, though? If you’re firing your lancer or somebody else is firing close by, why wouldn’t the sound of footsteps be lost in the din? Having a Mixamp and set of headphones shouldn’t absolve you of ever needing to pay visual attention to your flanks.

Yeah in the middle of a clustereff it’s just noise… With notably loud footsteps if a T800 is in the fray.

I haven’t fully tested if my footsteps are back. I found that my Dolby atmos as shut off… I think when I updated Logitech gaming software (for my mouse/key) it ate my headset as well and changed the driver from default USB to Logitech without asking me… So I had no idea.

But I was getting super annoyed and being blasted from behind with no warning steps, noise, nothing. Even the guns firing would be quiet… Basically if it was out of my 180 degree forward cone I couldn’t hear it.

You could sometimes make them out amongst the din, but it’s really hard to do in this game.

Sometimes when it’s quiet the sound doesn’t work properly either in respect of nades. Often the warning noise just isn’t there.

I can barely hear 2 steps before I get bodied.