No Experience Gain, No Horde Cards Earned

So me and a Friend just ran 2 complete matches (1-50) Of horde. During the start of the first match we all were in the lobby as Kait, then some of us had the loadout of different characters while some of us had no weapons at all. After the match completed, we didn’t get any XP or cards, we thought maybe something was going on, so we ran another match with the same results, after heading to the main menu we all received supply drops but still no XP, I started the first match at level 46 and ended the second match at level 46, I have searched forums and I haven’t seen any devs or admin responding to this, how will we be reimbursed for time played? when is this getting fixed, after all the topics created, are you even aware of this? or are you just neglecting the fact that people pay you and aren’t getting the full experience of the game?

Same thing happened to me

Yep, same here.

I was a lvl 7 Sarah Conner and played a full 50 waves of horde mode on the easiest difficulty.
It was my first time beating horde on 5 and got both a steam and xbox like achievement noting it.
When it came time to level my character post game, it said lost connection or could not find game, i don’t remember.

Either way there needs to be a way to reimburse peopel for those kinds of errors… i played for like 2 and a half hours and got nothing to show for it.