No excuse for this

It’s been far too long that PC users are dealing with freezing or game crashes. This is a Triple A title and deserves to be maintained like one. This is still the current Gears of war title and I can’t believe PC users literally cannot play the game.

No, rolling back GPU updates is not an answer or a justification. Whether the fault remains with Nvidia or TC the game studio has responsibility to keep this game running. Period.

How many threads must it take regarding the same issue until Its addressed?
This is unprecedented in a Triple A franchise. Do you think games like; Battlefield, Call of Duty, or Fortnite would allow one of their platforms to simply be unplayable? That would never happen.

I’m just going to assume they don’t care about PC users because the game is predominately played on Xbox. And if that’s the case then don’t advertise the game to be a full PC game (Not a port) and don’t release it on PC.


i get random stuttering on my gtx 1070 and gtx 1080 after playing a few hours in

After relaunching the game it works well for a while then starts micro freezing here and there

don’t have anything running in the background

tried using the razer cortex to release extra RAM even though i have 24GB of it

The game has issues that’s all

I know there shouldn’t be an excuse but you gotta know and realise that it’s on Nvidia end mostly.
Which is completely out of TC control.
We should be saying no excuse to Nvidia.

And AMD players???

I get these stutters sometimes too, if I haven’t rebooted my PC before playing. Most of the time I religiously reboot my PC before starting every ranked play session. Not every match, just overall session. I find this stuttering happens more often when I’ve done things on the PC between playing gears.

Like 42 browser tabs of ■■■■.

(I also reboot it occasionally during matches sometimes due to occasional crashes :P)

What can I do now to play Gears of war 4?Drivers 382.53 again?.
With this drivers I can not run VR or other games properly or even can not to play at all to them.
I really hate this.But I love to play Gow4 in my Pc is delicious.But freezzes match yes match no,being lucky.
Microsoft says it is your fault, you say Nvidia´s fault.I was talking to Nvidia a few months ago and they tell me it is The Coalition´s fault.
Just I am dissapointed with to have a 2.000€ PC and can not run my favorite game.


I thought my PC was just trash.

I Understand TC needs the money/players but why port a game if it’s going to be poorly optimized?

Feel totally sorry for the PC Gears community. Spending all this money just to not be able to play it. These thread have literally been out since launch. People wanna give the excuse “we don’t know what its like coding games, they are working their hardest” there is literally ZERO excuse for the game to be in the state it is for PC. Gears is Xbox’s biggest IP next to Halo, They should treat it that way.

You’d think that adding microtransactions would have given them the extra money needed to do this.


i read that if you alt+tab out of the game then it causes the stuttering but if you minimize it then it should help

I remember when I used Instant On with my Xbox and Gears 4 would have these horrible stutters that no other game had. I’m not sure if they still happen as I was only using it to download some things but it was certainly annoying.

I only alt tab after hitting alt + enter and entering bordered window mode first.

This was the workaround for the alt-tab Squad kick bug that was happening a few months back.

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whether the fault is with TC or Nvidia, The Coalition has direct contact with them. We don’t. It’s still at TC’s burden to fix their game.


Wanted to give an update.

Try this solution out that someone on the forums came up with

Honestly couldn’t agree more. im literally on the forums because i just suffered a crash in the middle of a ranked match again. it’s become a sort of a routine now. I’m no diamond player but i’ve work hard for what i’ve achieved and its sad to feel myself slowly slipping into not caring about this game anymore. i’ve always loved the gears franchise Except GOWJ… but whats been going on lately hads been a let down for sure. its to the point where we literally fee like they dont care and thats never good.


Try the solution I posted above. I think it works.
If it does, Give credit to the guy who found the solution.

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Definitely. I’m actually trying it now. Just have to play a couple of days to see if it works. I’ll def give him a shout out if it does.

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I tried it but still get micro stuttering randomly

don’t have an issue with freezing though

micro stutter is gone now but it crashes randomly instead


Don´t work for me as well.But thank you anyways.

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people need to stop putting this on Nvidia at all. they didn’t develop the game, 10-15 years of playing PC games I have never seen a UE game have a such a long standing, game breaking issue like this.

So i tried it and it seemed to work fine for the first and second day or so but sure enough by the third day and fourth day it was crashing regularly. its been a week and i was hoping something would change but nope. oh well. guess i’m going to have to get back on my ps4. What can you do… :man_shrugging: (again i’m on here right after a crash)