No easter eggs on new maps

Not sure if it’s an Easter Egg or not, but there’s a photo of Mansion in one of the huts on River.

Maybe a hint it’s a future map???


Would love this too be a true hint


I have a very good feeling we’ll be seeing Mansion again.

That photo wasn’t there for nothing!!! :wink:

lol true and The only reason I’m not sweating the 4v4 gameplay downsize as I don’t think it would be ideal for 5v5

Possibly not but I’ve heard TC are slowing the movement down a little? I know Gears 2 had 5v5 for Mansion but that movement speed is no comparison to the likes of Gears 4 and Gears 5.

I’m thinking Mansion will definitely work in Gears 5. They’ll possibly alter one or two things as well very much like what TC did with River.