No easter eggs on new maps

Confirmed by Dana on today’s dev stream.

I just wanted to throw this out so people don’t waste time looking for something that doesn’t exist.


Too bad. Regency or Nexus could have made for something good on them.


I was hoping for one on Nexus



I was hoping the dead bodies in nexus when shot in a correct sequence would come to life and scream at me.

Also it’s a huge shame that gridlock doesn’t have a secret to activate mad world because that song is truly a masterpiece.

Looks like I’ll have to actually play the game now instead of looking for secrets this operation.


Such a missed opportunity to have an Easter egg referencing Coletrain talking massive sh** over the intercom. It’d have been great with the Queen’s Throne literally in the background.

Edit: was supposed to be a separate reply but hey its kinda relevant.


Would’ve liked on nexus the Corpser to have a Easter egg,but not knocking the maps on operation 5 they are fantastic


Anyone have an accurate account of which maps still have an egg to be found?

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Pahanu is the only one (according to Dana) that still has a Easter Egg on it, though I always wonder if any Escape has one.

My prediction: TC are so focused on releasing stuff as quickly as possible that Easter Eggs are probably not very likely for any map going forward. Is possible that they would add some in a future TU but honestly I think TC are kinda just trying to put Gears 5 behind them (Microsoft will end up putting Gears behind them one day in the not so distant future)


Mannnn I tried to open all the doors on Regency, spent damn near an hour trynna shoot explode or figure out combinations on oddly shaped knobs and stuff, this is nice to know

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You don’t spend millions on an IP to “put it behind you”.


@TC_MichaelAOS loved your stream today. Thanks a ton for making those subtle changes to River to bring it back as it is a fan favourite :smiley: This stream was cool as it gave good insights into making maps. Hope for 1 new map mid op5 :stuck_out_tongue:


I was sure those doors were able to open

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The Insides were just too clean you know, like they loaded in the environment, pity, had some good chances to do something cool but I’m sure Regency and nexus got a tad bit rushed trynna throw 6 maps in this op. But who knows, maybe they lost the person that does or recommends fun stuff like that

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Exactly what I was hoping for myself. No tannoy announcement from the Queen? Damn, as good as it is it could’ve been the perfect map.

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Is there a confirmed list of maps found with easter eggs on it? (ex. Exhibit, Bunker…)

by that same logic Quake and Unreal would still be going full force wouldn’t they?

You make an IP for something called a Return on Investment (ROI) and obviously Gears of War has a very low ROI nowadays, back in the Gears 1-3 era it was basically a less successful Halo (Halo was the Call of Duty between 2001-2010ish for perspective) and nowadays Gears is probably making next to no actual money for Microsoft…

Again, they would probably be better off repurposing the assets into other franchises (say kill Locust in Doom or a Fallout game or something) than them keep making games that make low profits and unsustainable population numbers.

Prediction: Gears 6 will have Free-to-Play Multiplayer (like Halo Infinite), store will be more exclusive sort of like how Gears 5 was pre-OP4 (you won’t be able to just earn everything though I’m sure they will have earnable items), Gears 6 (like Halo Infinite) will almost assuredly be the last Gears title but it will have a longer lifespan (due to it being F2P) so expect people to be playing it years after release. If MS/Bethesda merger is hugely successful I have no doubt in my mind they’ll want to introduce some of the Gears assets (whether it be the Lancer or the Gnasher or whatever) into their games, 1 reason is that its just a cool idea and would be fun af to do lol but another reason is that it sink MS claws into Bethesda’s IP’s making them less separable long term.

Edit: I know its a bit off topic but I had to respond :ok_hand:

“Who wants toast?” - Marcus Fenix

Yeah… a missed one there as well…

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Treyarch should learn from this.

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How can I open that door in Regen!? :thinking:


Probably the same way you can’t open the hotel door on District.

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