No Drama or Politics Please

I’m trying to wind down and play Gears 5 and what keeps popping up? Black Lives Matter. I don’t care if you have a guilt trip and donated money what does that have to do with me playing a game? I’m black and I look at it this way, With all of the Black on Black gang killings and rapes and murders and muggings and shootings on the streets nothing is said and nothing happens. No media, No newspaper, No CNN, No ABC, Nothing. But when a white person kills a black person then all hell breaks loose. Everybody from Amazon to Microsoft is giving money to Black Lives Matter. Why is it ok for blacks to exterminate themselves but then they get upset when another race kills them. I’m black and I don’t even know.


This forum has a no politics rule to prevent tensions from flaring up between users and creating drama beyond the scope of the (volunteer) moderators to be able to prevent.

Closing thread :slight_smile: