No Delta squad, No Theron,deebees or locust to play

If you are a huge gears fan, there is no fan service in mp or co-op at all for you. because of the lame powers, we all have a handful of characters to play and can look forward to a whopping 8 more as DLC. Disrespectful.


Yeah… I’m extremely disappointed with the multiplayer roster, I’ve been playing as Fahz as a meme with a friend, but other than that I’d only really play as Marcus. I’m looking forward to Batista, but beyond that I have 0 hype for the entire multiplayer roster.


Yeah once again we have to wait for the og characters to be dripfed.


It’s silly we can play as Sarah Conor and halo character, but we cant even play as all the characters from the campaign little alone the og chracters…


Its unbelievable that characters that were prominent in the campaign are not even playable in multiplayer. No Baird? No Cole? No Paduk? No Oscar? TC are you out of your mind? No locust characters? No RAAM or Myrrah? Disgusting.


I got RAAM.

I didn’t mean the gilded one. I was not a grinder back in Gears 4 so I missed the opportunity to get him

You know they’re coming with more. The other characters already have contextual dialogue. Hell, Paduk calls out to downed teammates, despite that being a Gears 4 feature. They’ll be here. The question is how grindy it’s gonna be.

Plus, you know certain enemies are gonna get skins.

While we only have Gilded RAAM, his name in white says General RAAM. It hints that there’ll be other RAAM variants.

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Yeah it’s going to be long drag but I guess it’s just a waiting game for other Locust to arrive.