No Control Points

Every time I play Control in Competitive, I don’t receive any points at the end of the match, and no one in any team left the match, is this some bug?
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If someone lags out or gets disconnected everyone in the match gets 0 points. This is not just a visual bug either as TC would like us to believe. I just tested that theory when someone on the other team quit a TDM.

I got 0 points even though I scored more than 7000 points it said I was #98. I quit the game and started it back up immediately and checked my leaderboard position. I was still #98.

Yeah but my problem is when everyone stays in the match and I got 0 points

Sometimes if someone’s connection lags to much it will do this because the server thinks they quit and then rejoined. It is extremely annoying and should have been a high priority to fix this bug.

It is especially frustrating for people that don’t play for very long at a time. Hopefully they will get this fixed soon or they might just lose what little player base they have left after making all these changes that no one asked for.

Did you submit a bug report support ticket? I do that everytime this happens so hopefully it will get flagged as a high priority to get fixed.

Here is the link if you need it

I am not trying to be a pain but if you were say 10,000 points behind the next person and you got your points you would have still been #98, not to mention that if people around you on the leaderboard are playing they can leapfrog you.

A much better test would be to see whether your actual points total has increased, that way you can show TC that is definitely isn’t a visual bug.


If the player below me scored that many more points shouldn’t I have moved down to #99 or #100 possibly further down the list?

I just checked again after playing 3 control matches and I had only moved down 2 spots to # 100. I then played one match and scored 5000 points in 3 rounds and went back up to #98.

You are completely missing the point of my post.

Imagine you are on a fitness challenge and you are scored on total distance walked or ran.

On day 1 you do 5 miles and are ranked 42 out of 100 people.

Day 2 you do 3 miles, what are you now ranked? Are you higher, lower, or exactly the same?

The answer depends on what everyone else has done, and more specifically those close to you. Just because you did 3 more miles than yesterday doesn’t mean you must go up in placement relative to everyone else.

If you think you aren’t getting points awarded at the end of the match that is the metric you should be checking. Not your place relative to everyone else’s total points.

Eg if you have 1,000,000 points before a match, score 5,000 your total should be 1,005,000 total. If your total still says 1,000,000 then the points haven’t been awarded correctly.

Saying you were #98 and are still #98 doesn’t actually help prove anything

Hopefully, that makes things more clear :slight_smile:


A leaderboard does not work that way. Any one above you that continues to advance up the board can not make you go down in position on the board because they would be advancing past players above them.

The only way that your position on the leaderboard can go down is if players that are closely below you overtake you. Even if other players that are farther below your postion continue to score points the can not make your position on the board go down until they get closer to your total number points.

Your fitness test example does not really apply in this scenario because in a fitness test all 100 people would be participating in said test on both days.

What happens in our particular situation is completely different because we don’t have everyone continuing to play matches all at the same time. If everyone that plays the game played exactly the same number of matches of TDM then your fitness test example would be accurate.

I tried for over an hour to get the system to give me a 0 match score last night and could not reproduce a match score of 0. We even had someone quit out of a match and I still got rewarded points. If it does happen again I will be sure to post it with screen shots showing my total number of points before and after the match.

I think what @GhostofDelta2 was illustrating by that example was that your position can go up, down, or stay the same irrespective of whether you received points or not. There are multiple moving parts that can affect your standing occurring in real time. That’s why the absolute value of your score is a better measure of whether you did or didn’t gain points not your standing in relation to others.

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Yep… I won 3 FFA’s in a row yday. Moved up in the first 2 games and went down in the 3rd. Finished 2nd in the 4th went up. Just gotta score points and while you do it other people are also scoring points. If you don’t play all day every day I wouldn’t worry about leaderboards. The skins for top 1000 are average anyway.

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Just play as much as you can if you’re so concerned about where you place.

It’s a point system, doesn’t reflect true skill. I’m in like the 4,500-5,500 because I play Gears like 2-3 times a week for like 3 hours max each time and I bet I’m a lot better than most of the Top 100 players


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I cannot believe you read my post and think I was saying this.

Yes if people above you continue to score they will still be above you, but may change places with each other, hence the point of the board being relative to eveyones score.

Nothing in my post was stating nor implying that people above you continuing to score will then become lower than you.

At this point you have managed to take whatever I said in the most ridiculous intepretation and argue semtnatics instead of taking the actual point. I have no idea why you are doing this.

People can have rest days, people can train on one day, not train the other but still possible for them to actually walk or run more than someone who just does a bit each day.

Now we get to the actual point. If your total points are going up after each match by the amount of points you scored then this is working correctly.

If that wasnt the case then there would 100% be a problem TC should be looking into.