No components on cosmonaut mission?

Is anyone else trying to get components and playing through the campaign in act 3 in the desert able to collect components up to the cosmonaut training facility mission and all the components are missing ? Is there a fix coming for this ? Or what’s the point of trying .

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Ugh…I’ve yet to do it and I’m really not looking forward to it. That entire Act is dreadful. Yes, it’s good for those that are interested in the UIR but for the rest of us it was a never ending drag.

Honestly its brutal, theres like 289 components in total and you can only miss like 10 of them to fully upgrade jack and I’ve gotten every one up to that mission and they arent spawning where they are supposed to be… so now what lol

Has this been fixed yet? They stopped showing up in my game so I’ve been waiting for it to be fixed before continuing.