No coins reward after compelete escape challange

Hi . I finished one challange in gears 5 . Reward is 5 k coins since 5 days ago . But didnt receive any coins
Any help

Did you finish ALL the chalenges from Escape group? The reward is for finishing ALL of them.

No there are 7 challanes in escape . With different coins rewards . I finished only one . So rewards after i finished all? . I get all Rewards toghter ?

The 5000 coins is for finishing the set.

If you complete each individual challenge, you will get the number of stars stated (which go toward either your Tour Of Duty; or the post-Tour Legend rank - both of which will give you varying amounts of coins at various stages). I have no idea how you’re interpreting the page to be honest.

Individual challenges = stars

Challenge sets = the bigger coin reward

I had this issue once, as you can see in the linked video. I got 50 kills while Paduk’s fear is active, then after the match it said I onyl had 48, but the ‘Tour’ section said 50. As coins are not awarded after the match, I missed out on 5k.

Medal set complete, no coins awarded

Bro be patient . I just need to understand .
In tour of duty ,escape section . Thats 7 challages . Some of them give u certain amount of coins if u finished some 5 k othrr 3 k like that . I finished only one with 5 k . It gives me stars only im legand 13 . Why it doesnt give me the coins . ? . ( the 5 k )
I didnt want to interrupted The page .

We’ve already explained.

Each page contains a set of challenges/medals. Each of these challenges/medals will give you the stated number of stars.

If you complete a full set (as in, all the challenges on the same page/category) then you will get the bigger reward listed on the right-side of the page (which is the coins).

Ty bro . Now got it