No Characters month

No Characters this month time to uninstall this game

we’ve had the locust sniper, wilder kate, ncog and I cant remember the last one, where were you looking???

If your game experience limits itself to that…

Imagine wasting 100+ GB of space because all you want is to look pretty or something lmao

Think a better game for you is something called Xbox Original Avatars you should try it


Gona have to agree with the OP here

Wait, wrong thread…

They said they are gearing down on new character packs as all focus on Gears 5 now. But they still going to be some character drops (rehashes).

I dont know why your announcing on forums that your uninstalling the game, completely unecessary imo.

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That kinda sucks, I like grinding out for the new packs. But hey making gears 5 the best it can be will be nice. I guess I’ll have to try and go for the new ranked character challenges

Didn’t we also get the lambert this month?

Technically it was released on the very last day of August, but it was available through the first week of September. I’d say that doesn’t count as a September release. :wink:

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That’s fair

people like too announce they’re uninstalling to try and get people on their side to validate themselves but what most of the people who announce this dont realize that literally nobody cares what games they play or dont play


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