No change in points system when a teammate leaves

So, if a teammate leaves KOTH, It’s basically a guaranteed significant loss of points because its harder to get points shorthanded and theres almost no chance of winning.
I think that should be fixed. I don’t want to be penalized for people being quitters. There should be a cap on points lost in a game where people leave.


Maybe they could take points away from the quitter and spread them out to the ones who stayed, to negate any significant point loss.

Either way, its still a lose lose situation.


Precisely this. Right now it’s a mess since it appears there is no way to reconnect to the game if kicked, but under regular circumstances, the quitter should lose the entry fee plus another amount (could be the same entry fee amount) distributed among the teammates that remained playing.

I lost power momentarily a few nights ago. I poweree Xbox back up. As soon as I selected Versus from the main Gears menu, it asked me if I wanted to rejoin my last game

Great if it worked for you, but tonight while playing in a group of 3, a friend got the “lost connection to gears services” message yet he never left the voice chat and claimed his internet was fine. He tried to rejoin after a minute and there was no rejoin option, just search for a new game. He didn’t even get a ban or anything for “quitting”.

Will remember your case since maybe rebooting the xbox could fix it, or not.

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Not for anything, but since Op.4 I can’t even count how many times that the game has removed me from matches for no reason and then not offered me an option to rejoin the match.
The game has not offered me a rejoin option one single time so far this operation–not once.
It happens so much that I actually managed to accumulate a 32 hour suspension the other week.

I gave-up on matchmaking for about a week up until yesterday; nervous about getting suspended again, I stayed only on quickplay all last-night.
I then went to play one ranked match of King of the Hill to end the night (feeling strongly that I wouldn’t get removed on my first match), and on round-3 of the match it removed me, gave me no option to rejoin, and then suspended me for another 15 hours after me not playing ranked for almost over a week.
Next time that this happens I’ll literally record it happening so that way anyone that doesn’t experience this can see exactly what a lot of us are talking about–it’s not a voluntary quit and it’s not an internet issue; the game keeps disconnecting people and not offering a “rejoin match in progress” option, which was always available before Op.4 (at least for me).

If you still get the option to rejoin your matches then I believe you and good for you/lucky you; I witness people leave or disconnect from my ranked matches all the time and many of them do actually rejoin, so I definitely believe you if you still get the rejoin option, but many of us don’t.
Some people don’t even get randomly disconnected from matches like this, for example, like when I play with my good friend he witnesses me get kicked all the time while I remain connected to the party-chat talking to him about it; him on the other hand, he never experiences these issues.
Not a single time has he ever been randomly removed, so I do not know whether he has a rejoin option or not but I assume that he might.
Many others that I talk to do not experience this server and rejoin match issue either, but this issue still happens to many others regardless of the other people that for some reason luck-out in this situation.