No bots in Torque Bow tag?

How am I supposed to do the headshots medal?

Hold down RT, aim at your opponents head (with the RS), and release RT. Rinse and repeat 4 times.

That’s the easiest medal imo. 50k and 10 rounds took longer.


I think Herr’s post is the solution to this thread. Great work Herr!



Thats not fair, I’m not good at this game. I can’t hit opponents who don’t stand still

Wait until you find a 1v1 lobby then and ask if they want to trade kills.

This is exactly what I did. Everything took 1.5 hours (would have been a bit shorter of randoms hadn’t joined in sporadically)

Ain’t nobody got time for this… lmao


Just don’t do that medal then why grind and waste your time, there is better skins.

Skin isn’t that great for the reward.


That medal is worth 187.5 gears coins.


There are bots in every match I have played that event.

They’re called teammates.


So less than 200.

There you go then not worth it.

Do your objectives and you will get 750 at legend rank.


Yeah as far as i am aware there aren’t bots in versus events only other players.

Edit: I didn’t watch this gif all the way through lmao


Lol they stopped doing bots in the weekly event quite awhile ago actually

You can’t hit the massive heart heads? They stick out over the covers. Another tip when someone revs their torque in cover their head is exposed. Easy headshot.

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Are you referring to a medal just for headshots or for this valentine event?
Because for this particular event the medal doesn’t say it has to be headshots, just eliminations.
I did mine last night. Took two rounds to get my 30 kills. But if you are referring to headshot kills by TB. , then ignore this post :slight_smile:

You don’t amass a fortune in Gears coins by turning down opportunities to earn them

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I’m quite bad when it comes to the torque bow but getting the 5 headshots was the first one I unlocked. To me it’s not the easiest and again I SUCK with the bow. Just be patient and go for kills you’ll bound to get lucky and get 5 headshots here and there.

Because bots ruin deathmatch based modes, simple as that. They cant kill for sh*t, and only end up dying 17 times.

No thanks.

HEY! I resemble that remark!