No bots in Ranked?

So, two things I’m complaining about here, first of all, why are there no bots in ranked? If 2 of my teammates quit mid match, why am I forced to play 3 again 5? It completely ruins any chance of catching up in most ranked modes.

Second of all, why does the match still count against me if my team leaves? I shouldn’t lose my rank because I lost a match 2 v 5.

1- It’ll be too easy to rank up if the lobby is filled with bots as they are much easier to kill.

2- They should definitely implement a system where people vote to opt out of a match if several of their teammates have quit. But I can also see that get abused by teams in stacks where one would “sacrifice” himself and quit and the others would vote to leave the match, thus resulting in only one of them taking the L.

Quitters are a tough thing to resolve, and I don’t think any studio has figured it out yet.

quitters playlist man. Let them all quit on each other


Oh yeah, forgot about some games doing this. That would actually be great for this game.


I’ve been preaching that, quitters vs quitters.

Either put bots in the game and have them NOT count towards elims, kills, and score or give us a forfeit option, which they said would take a lot of resources so we may never get it.