No audio in captures

The audio in captures from Gears 5 has stopped working now too.
Probably due to the packet loss I experience in every match I try to play.
Works in every other game.

What modes are you experiencing this in, if its a specific mode try 6taking a capture in a different mode. Also if you havent done it a system restart probably couldnt hurt to try.

This has nothing to do with game captures.

I get this all the time. No idea what causes it but im usually in party chat.

Any ideas @TC_Shauny

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Thanks for posting, I tried a console reset to see if it would help with the issues I have with Gears 5 and it seems to have fixed the audio in captures.

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When I try to take a 30-60 second capture, it captures 7 seconds with absolutely no audio(only in Gears 5).

And now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’m always in a party chat when this happens as well. Interesting.

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My friend recorded a clip, video just froze but u can hear the audio.:man_shrugging:

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I just tried a capture to show Fear didn’t work on Juvies in Venom Run and it recorded the start of the hive from like 2 minutes earlier ?.