No answers Twitter help me please

Hello ! :slight_smile:

I come towards you to wonder if it is good on the Twitter of The Coalition in private messages that it is necessary to send the complaints concerning players who cheat? Because I sent a complaint with video proof in rests him but I had no answers.

Thank you in advance !
Cordially, Louqua

Twitter is your best bet still…Not too much gets answered here…you can try and PM a mod here

You can send a message to any forum mods here and they’ll pass the video proof to The Coalition to investigate.

Or @forum-mods may reach out to you and they’ll ask you to send them the proof to pass it up.

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They respond to me in Twitter DMs now, but it took several messages before they started to respond. I think it’s because I earned their trust with accurate cheater reports.

But yeah, DMing them on Twitter is definitely worth doing. I suggest doing a public tweet and a DM. Specifically, send a DM to @CoalitionGears

Thank you for your answers, I am going to follow your advice :slight_smile:

EDIT : I contacted TC Octus on Twitter to hope to have a fast answer, I wait

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Hi Louqua!

As Darkchaoz mentioned a DM to The Coalition account would be the best option, but feel free to send it to one of the moderators!

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PM me what you said :eyes:

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